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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
smile.....you are on pramila's blog!!! :o)
yo people!

gone are the days when i kept threatenin to launch the site. we have done it (is say we, cause i sure couldn't have done it this century with out Nishant - that man has been PATIENT with me!!! (i am not a very nice person when i am waitin for it.... sorry Nishant, and thanks a gazillion for everythin - hopefully i will be forgiven after such a public apology?!) and Happy - who despite being half a world away has proven to be only an email away ...you are awesome gurl... can't wait for your template to mask the one we have now! :)

for silly gooses who check this space more often then they check their emails, please pay your email a visit and quick!! cause you will find the following email there

Hey there people!!!

Hold your breath... This is it.. *hushed silence*...we have finally
done it!

The site is READY - yup you are right! Smiles Across Miles is now

Please go to http://smilesacrossmiles.com

and register - you will see a place to log in on the right hand side

when you attempt entering a user name (of your choice) and pwd (again
of your choice) and the number displayed below (the site's choice!) -
the site will direct you to a page where a link for "new
registerations" is present.
click on that - which will bring up a form for you to fill out.
remember - enter the email id which each of you choose to be
the "login email" - else the registeration will NOT go through.

once you complete the form the site will send you a confirmation link
to your inbox (this will happen within 5 to 10 mins of your submitting
your form - so i suggest you hang around and complete the procedure)

next, go to your inbox - and click on the link and log into the site.
now we are nearly done... last and final step... complete your

so people, get busy.... lets see 44 profiles (yup, thats how many we
are now!!!) fully compeleted shortly!!!

once ALL profiles are up I will send out another email notifying you
that all profiles are up, and you select your giftee then!!!

Hope all of you have thought about what you want to send out to your
choosen giftee (you sure had the time!!) Incase you want to get to
know your giftee well before selecting them you could read up on their
blog if they have one - though let me warn you, some participants
DON'T have a blog. - and participants who don't have a blog - please
make your profile as descriptive as possible as that will be
your "face" to the other participants! :)

whokay then... enough rambling.... people go register (for the ones
who registered before, other then the ones who helped "test it out"
last night - please re register!)


Please fill out your ENTIRE _current_ postal address whistle completing your profile so that who ever selects you is able to send the gift to the CORRECT address!

Hopefully everyone will finish the registeration by the end of this week and we can get on with the fun stuff!!!

adios people...have to rush... am going to catch Oceans 12 with Clarissa... or should i call ya Candace from now on gurl??? ;)
Thursday, December 09, 2004
wowiee!! i have been missed!?!?
ahem... well, no.. i am not a sadist who likes to see my pals in agony over missin me (a tad bit toooo much?) ...it just that one likes to be reminded that one is not fungible ya know!
what have i been upto?
well, just the small matter of troubling (harrowing?!) my voluntary site enggi Nishant...and being down with a nasty bout of cold+cough (i hate bad throats... sound like a frog... and given my occupation... ahhhgggggg!!!)

am now marginally better and have two days off (tuesday and wednesday!)..which is when the website will FINALLY go _LIVE_.

let me just take this one quick second to say _THANK YOU_ to all of you who are participating - never thought it would become such a success... when i first came up with the idea was told that either i am terribly naive or totally dumb... n maybe a mix of both!! to think that people will agree to such a thing and sign up!! just wanted to thank each one of you for disprovin that person! :)
:oPPP - to the person!! you know who you are!

the HIGH point of this entire roller coaster was the following email

"hi i want to register for the smile across miles.
im Shafaq Yusuf from Karachi, Pakistan.
please confirm my registeration and kindly tell me what exactly i've
to do.i was recommended to join this by Suhail Kassim and i was not
able to get enough information on it, but since he had mentioned it in
his MAD club blog, i knew it had to eb something to do with spreading
goodwill and smiles, and so i'd really really like to become a part of
it, but please do tell mewhta it is all about!
thank you,

* unfortunately for some reason of her own Shafaq can't take part in this round (though is more then welcome too!!) of SAM though she hopes to join us later...

the email tellin the participants how to proceed should reach by tuesday (india time) ...PLEASE fill in your profile and register ASAP!!!

hopefully the next few days will see a lot of activity from me on OTHER blogs as well...
...n i need to ask your advise about how to deal with a really annoying "Team Lead" at work. what is really gallin is he is not even my supervisor n i am havin to put up with the sod! jeez!!