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Friday, October 28, 2005

buttt (not the one you are thinkin of!...though mine is quite niceish!) ;)

It's 'bout as bad as it could be
Seems everybody's buggin' me
Like nothing wants to go my way--
yeah, it just ain't been my day
Nothin's comin' easily

Even my skin is acting weird
I wish that I could grow a beard
Then I could cover up my spots
not play connect the dots
I just wanna disappear

Can only go up from here
where the clouds gonna clear
There's no way but up from here

Even something as simple as
Forgettin' to fill up on gas
There ain't no explanation why--
things like that can make you cry
Just gotta learn to have a laugh

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah...

When everything is goin' wrong
Don't worry, it won't last for long
Yeah, it's all gonna come around
Don't go let it get you down
You gotta keep on holding on

It's 'bout as bad as it could be
Seems everybody's buggin' me
Like nothing want to go my way--
yeah, it just ain't been my day
Nothin's comin' easily

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh-- I'm going up [4x]
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah...
(Shania Twain - Up!)

...i do want to thank each of you for checking up on this blog though i had abandoned it for all appearances.

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first time here.. i know words can't help.. but prayers can.. let's pray..
# posted by preeti : 12:24 AM
--- thank you for the prayers. yes i DO believe they help... let's pray.

# posted by Anonymous : 1:27 AM
--- hmmm! wonder who this was!

Sweetness I had no idea.... So much going on for you right now! And you dad!.... well I can't imagine what news like that is like for all of you.
Just remember you're 25... life has so many twists and turns. Try not to feel like "the parade is passing you by" because really, you never know just where you'll end up!
Thinking of you!!
Big Hugs,
# posted by Anonymous : 8:07 PM
--- i just hope the parade hasn't already PASSED me by! ;oP
i love the way you write gurl... always manages to put a smile on my face... do write more often.
thanks for all the hugs... each one helps! :)

The moment we are born, they try to make us cry... and sometiems it seems as though they never stop .... wandered through shains blog.. i dont know hwat to say to ease your pain, all i can say is - whatever it is, its not here to stay.. !! Bles you..
# posted by Dreams : 3:00 PM
--- i should hope not! :)
thank you for your blessings. do come by more often. i promise you i dont always dish out such depressing fare! ;)

Yes.Lets Pray.
# posted by vaibhav : 3:59 AM
--- yuppers!! good idea!

this is called quarter-life crisis...everyone goes thru it. so pull up ur socks n act.
wishing well for ur appa.
btw i'm surprised to see my blog url as one of the comments :|
# posted by Mustang : 2:26 PM
--- as am i now! thought you put it there? thats how i came across yours.
and i dont think this is what a quarter-life crisis is supposed to be like! that should be about things like - what do i give more importance to? job satisfaction or money?!?

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# posted by Make More With Your Adsense Account : 8:28 AM
--- terribly sorry, but honestly google adsense isn't even on my list of non important things to do right now!

Like everybody else I too am short of words & hope words could help. You seem to be a brave gurl & though nobody can fight destiny, I m sure u'll swim thru this though test of destiny.
All the very best dear.
MBB | Homepage | 10.26.05 - 3:05 am | #
--- swim through may not be the right phrase... though yes, i will survive! (love the song)

Hi, thanx a ton for visiting my space and giving ur valuable comments...........I am a lil lost in ur world though, last when i visited u had ur lovely pics & a blog which has a pic of an Ambassador car...........my comment is not there either.
Or I m getting old huh?? lol
Anonymous | 10.26.05 - 2:55 am | #
--- i sorry? am not sure where your world is at... and i doubt very strongly if i ever had pics of anything! least of all ambassador cars!!

We love IIPM | Homepage | 10.14.05 - 6:30 am | #
--- Succinctly put! Pithily put!! wonderfullyyy put!!!
sheesh indeed.

A) What i find sad with you is not that you are a 'could have been' but that you think you are a 'could have been'. Its never too late in life for anything.
B) How you treat your health is how much importance you give to your responsibilities. Your health/body/life is your responsibility.
C) I dont believe in destiny nor in faith. Spend as much time with your father as u can.
D) You write very well. Do continue writing.
Best of luck in life
Swayam | 09.25.05 - 4:40 am | #
--- a) i too DO believe that. unfortunately i have my weak moments too. i KNOW in the not too distant future i WILL post some achievement here. *fingers crossed*
b) trouble is - the american govt must give me the permission :|
c ) thank you for the compliment. though i am not entirely sure i deserve it.
as for writing. yes, i will :)

Been a while since you posted. How are you? Hope things have been better.
My situation has improved a lot. But it has been hell the last 4 months...
Ripcord | Homepage | 09.05.05 - 12:13 am | #
--- the last 4 months haven't been particularly good for me... hopefully everything is good in your world right now ?

You sure are a brave girl. Hang in there. Prayers for your dad.
Seema | Homepage | 08.26.05 - 6:40 am | #
--- life has a habit of throwing you some nasty stuff. considering it doesnt kill you it will make you stronger.
question is : what if you dont wanna get stronger?
iron woman doesnt want to become steel woman. :|

gosh...just checked back after a long time and all this? Hope you are bearing up girl. Stay well and trust god.
Take care
DJ | 08.07.05 - 2:41 am | #
--- trying :).
how are things with you?

OH no! I'm so sorry, sweetie! That has to be horrible to be alone and terrified for someone.
6-12 is usually a conservative estimate, and as long as your dad is getting treatment, it usually turns out to be VERY conservative.
paul | Homepage | 07.31.05 - 4:44 pm | #
--- it had better be! he has signed on to teach my children tennis... and i am not even dating anyone yet! :)
..he is a wonderful man... the world needs men like him.

Hmm..no words....all of us are with you....miracles happens, let it happen for you this time!!!!
Girish | 07.28.05 - 11:41 am | #
--- *fingers crossed* ...i hope so. i know so. (hey people! TOUCH WOOD!!! now!)

Always like to hear what's going on with you!
Matt | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 10:32 pm | #
--- likewise!! how IS my lil matt doing?? love catching you on yahoo... or maybe you could drop me one of your lovely mails? *hopefull look!*

Hey Princess...welcome back.!!
Abt ur dad....stay strong princess..am not gonna throw any more cliches ur way..but hang on there..
Shain | 07.19.05 - 8:46 am | #
--- aww... the one guy who calls me princess!! HUGGG :)
thanks for being there...

Good to see you back. Sorry to hear about your dad. My prayers are with you. Keep writing
Rajesh | Homepage | 07.18.05 - 7:17 pm | #
--- ahem. am terribly sorry for not being able to fullfill your request. culmination of a lot of things saw to it that no writing happened...
will talk about a few of the reasons in the next blog..

i am in bombay for the weekend
can we meet up for a drink
girish | 07.12.05 - 11:26 pm | #
--- ahem. am sorry. no drinking on the cards for me! not for a very long time! hope your trip was good... when do you leave for Oz ?

Will not presume to know what it feels like - vis a vis your dad. This too shall pass P .
D | 07.07.05 - 8:41 am | #
--- wish you had left a link..or atleast an email.. something tells me i know you. do i?
this reminds me of a wonderful phrase - everything will be ok in the end. if its not ok, its not the end!

Hi my Gal!! Gee, I'm sorry about your dad and all. It seems like difficult times, these.
Love you and glad to hear from you
happy | 07.05.05 - 5:37 pm | #
yes. these are difficult times. and its horrible that i am unable to be with him at this point. hate visas! :|

good to see u back.. hope to see more posts.. sorry to hear abt u'r dad.. keep strong gurl.. keep u'r faith..
Invictus | 07.01.05 - 7:16 pm | #
faith. there is a concept alright. very few things i have "faith" in any more.

Swayam: so did u find u'r raison d'etre and so now u dont have the time to blog anymore ??
--- ahem!! no... he.. or the lack of HE... has little or nothing to do with my absences from blog land!
though his presence wouldn't hurt at this time.


also wanted to thank the wonderful strangers who took time out to send prayers / wishes my way via email and ecards!
thanks a whole bunch!
...and a quick special thanks to Nidhi for not only rushing to come and meet me at the hospital.. but throwing her AND her husband's bank balances open to me! (this after having met me only ONCE before!) - the blog world is indeed a powerful medium! :)