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Monday, April 30, 2007
...a dear friend finds himself in the position I was in a year ago.. This one is for you my strange, strange german englishman. For all the times you've made me laugh out aloud.. for all the times you've been a shoulder to lean on... and for all the times you've wanted to be there for me.

I wish I was there with you for you now.

If - by Rudyard Kipling.

Many hugs.
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Hold the calls...
...this is going to be a while!

Doobee doobee do doobee doobee da ! :)

I’m happy! Not happy like I’ve just won the lottery happy (rather tough to achieve considering I don’t even buy lottery tickets!) but happy like …well happy :) Like I’m smiling for no reason happy!

Caught up with a very close friend after a fairly long time – yea I’m like that – tune out of even close friends sometimes – not because I don’t care - I know they are close it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t drop the “hey, how are you?” email / call every week – or even every other week for that matter – we would be just as close. And I dunno that female friends get any closer “we” are – platonically that is ;)

One the many questions she asked me was – how long would you “wait” for someone you were romantically involved with – assuming you’ve been together a few years and are 27 + female. (not necessarily yours truly – given my abso luck of hurry at ‘settling down’)

Well, if I really loved the guy?


As long as it takes I guess. ( I can see my mum’s blood pressure rise a couple of notches!) ;)

Seriously, if I am with the right person why would I give it up? I mean, yea marriage is great and everything but it is not like I am sitting on a shelf with a sell by date.

How long would you wait for him/her?

she came back online while I was typing this, a few excerpts

Me: u know I’ve been happy, as in seriously HAPPY ever since morning - after our looongggg convo - have this silly grin on my face, am jumpy - might have to do with the fact that i might go Para sailing soon ...but largely due to our fix. hope it was as good for you too ;)
VN: :)
VN: yes it was!
VN: got up at 10 and i only slept at 6 - only 4 hours of sleep
Me: wowie, n u r not grumpy - this fix must be good
Me: if only we could bottle and sell the damn thing we'd be freakin rich
VN: :D

Me: nah- its cool - even if he disappears - i'm glad, truly glad I knew him
VN: :D ...glad?
Me: that a guy could write that kinda thing and still be an _interesting_ person - well for all appearances - he doesn't have to be a weep-wappy, marginally gay guy
VN: hey who said only gay guys r that way!!
Me: seriously - either men are _MEN_ - read idiots, or they are melodramatic - very few achieve the happy medium
Me: how many men do you know who would think it was _NOT_ unmacho to write what he wrote about love?
VN: hehe
VN: hmmm
VN: maybe they wudn't
VN: not so eloquently at least
Me: they might think it - but to admit - in front of his REAL life friends - and put it so eloquently? not many - infact i don't know any - K/N might have fit the bill EARLIER but not any more
Me: so actually if he disappears he *might* be doing us a favour - we can hold on to the possibility of a guy being this way
VN: that's true actually
Me: sad, but true


Now for a quick round up of the year so far

Jan saw me ‘acquire’ a new friend – or did she acquire me? I’m not entirely sure ;) Jan 1 : we didn’t know each other – Jan 2 : Both of us had a ‘close friend’. for life. I dunno who we have to thank – Joe / Sadhguru. She was also instrumental – read stood on my head till I gave in, not to mention bought my ticket – in my going to an Ashram.

Yup, spent over 3 weeks there. And loved EVERY min of it. No wait, I lie – I _HATED_ as in _ABHORED_ the min it dawned on me I HAD to go back. :)

Went with a one way ticket to Combitore – cause I was not entirely sure I’d would be able to manage the complete the 8 day course – wound up being grateful that I hadn’t bought the return, saved on cancellation fees! Scared my family/friends plenty - many wondered if I was about to give up the materialistic world all together! :D

Feb saw a COLOSSAL amount of shopping! HAD to come back because STEFANY was coming (she thought she had the ticket for 3rd march instead of 3rd feb!) my scrabble friend of 4 years. We had never met before but consider each other sisters, and that is exactly what it was like. We enjoyed the short 7 days she was here so much that come September: when her contract runs in out (currently working in South Korea) she will be visit again before heading back for Canada. I may even visit S.K in August!

March saw me …well, get dehydrated! Bombay saw record temperatures which made going out during the day madness! Think temperatures OVER 42 degrees. Think power cuts. Twice a day – officially. And many, many times unofficially! It also saw me reopen my books - study time :-S

April... umm I drank tea after a whole year. Its been a year since... Love you pa.

Also today - Oanh and I - deciding definitively that she is visiting India later this year (we used to study together in Calif) _YAY_! ---anndddd we are going to bridge the gap of geography and study together despite being half way across the globe! :) to quote you girl "lets do this together - I'm sure we can beat it!"

VT killings : awful as this might sound the first thought was "thank god Kunal and Nimit are safe!" Friends who study there - and are currently out on vacation. I don't honestly know what to say - madness of this variety? in an EDUCATIONAL institution? Hope all of you keep the young souls and their families your prayers - including the family of the killer.

I know I’ve been away long (must have been REALLY long – am no longer the first search result for my name! : am still to make up my mind if that is a good thing or bad – mostly good I’d think) – sorry my princess caller :) , sumo my most regular page checker, hmmm – buttt then again, dunc – all IS well, glad to see you around :) Neil – I did, now your turn! …Will, my meaniepie – I cannot thank you enough for being, well you :P – though a little less you would be nice every once in a while! :PPP and to alllll those you still stop by!

p.s : A pal recently launched
  • a NEW SITE
  • do give it a dekho (look-see) when time permits :)