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Friday, June 04, 2004
wanted to write a new post...but realised I hadn't replied to comments for donkeys years - not to mention haven't commented anywhere!! (blame it on the lack of PROPER computer access...this one just tried electrocuting me!! :( ...yup, a keyboard that shocks.. and not with its efficiency either :"( ....my kingdom for a good computer I say..my kingdom for a good computer!...also if I meet my maker before my time you know now who would be to blame!!!)
please check the comments on the previous post... going as far back as you want...or have the time to :)
and your own sites for comments in a day or two...
(pssttt... the few who sent personal mails will be getting replies shortly too...terribly sorry for the delay)
p.s : any of you out there who are in love, use meatloaf's "I'd lie for you and that's the truth" as a guide..on how to behave... what to do..
and engrave
"I'd never tell you one lie, I'd never let you down
I'd never leave I'd be the one who'd always be around"

on your very soul...