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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Written on 12-may-2012
As I sat here tonight, watching re-runs of "sex in the city" and wondering why I don't write any more....or date any more? A few random thoughts later (they were sequential in my mind, at the time at any rate) I wonder what my digital footprint was on the world wide web. Does this blog still come up as the first search result for my name...
So I googled my self...nope, not numero uno, but high enough for it to still be able to cause a problem and/or allow someone more than a sneak peak into my life...Luckily the specific post that seems to come up is from oct of 2004 about the political debate.
2004, now that was a good year! A great one infact- ever wonder what your 24 yr old self would say to your 32 yr old self? Would your young self be happy at how things turned out or surprised at the choices you made? 

Since I can't do much in terms of tackling the second question I was wondering about initially (especially since it is past 2 @ night) I have decided to do something about the first. I am going to write more. About books (the last one I read was Jeffery Archer's first Clifton Chronicle, can't wait to get my hand on the second), about cloud computing (well don't know a whole hellava lot, yet but the concepts are interesting and I know that is where the future surely is) about movies / theater, losing weight, office, about getting let down by my boss who I looked up to in many, many ways (but sadly he wasn't deserving of it at all - I put him on a pedestal and thought he was like my dad (aka known as my hero) but he couldn't more different if he tried - suffice to say more than feet of clay. I pity him really because he isn't even honest with himself about how much of a sell out he is, how much of his word he is breaking in "screwing me over". Ah well) ...about life.
About friends who keeping trying to make their way back into my life and I keep shutting out...because of another con-call, another crisis at work...because their lives has changed so dramatically and I only have "same ol same ol" to offer in response? :D
I don't know, all I do know is I miss me. I miss the girl who was full of spunk and took on life knowing she would come out a winner. And she will. She just lost herself for a while.
So less 25 hour days at work and more living, starting now. As in right now, since I need to get to bed so that I can get to bed and wake up rested in time for my birthday lunch bash! 

Talk to you tomo?! Toodle-oo!