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Friday, October 12, 2012
What is a "GOOD" movie, to you?
Over the years I've heard a lot of debate around what consitutes "good" cinema. I for one haven't had an "answer" per say... probably because I hadn't given it much thought...
....this evening on my walk back home after seeing the movie English Vinglish it just came to me, that I consider a movie "good" if it can make one feel - good, bad, sad, angry, fustrated, hopefull - it doesn't matter... so long as it can draw you in and make you feel it is a good movie, at least in my book. What is your take?

In other news - I've been true to my word for once (well not so much with the writting about it....but given how pressed for time I am these weeks - I forgive myself!) :D

I'm now involved, as in fully invested in a bunch of things
....cloud computting conferences (last one attended - AWS), accquiring my ITIL expert level certification, participating and helping to organising the Grace Hopper celebrations in India (am actually one of the chairs for the technical track!), more visibile and active in my company's women in technology initiatives, which included an opportunity to be heavily involved in the Mobile developer summit - and hob-nobbing with people like Rahul Powar of Apsmart fame (he is head of mobile app development within TR now) and Simon Cross (Facebook), learning the basics of developing apps for IOS, being offered a "moonlighting" job on weekends (paying sigificantly more than my day job!) teaching ITIL basics, to organising a special Meetup with the author of of Rozabal Line and Chanakya's Chant ....and now Krishna Key - Ashwin Sanghi Infact - if you are not too busy on 13-Oct (Saturday) and will be in Bangalore – come on down to British Council more details and route map here : https://www.facebook.com/events/287367358031291/

And several more things (I've been invited to be a 'director' and founding memember of a startup, but till we've "registered" we aren't talking about it) - so as you can see, I'm doing more - living more (now I've got to go find my crepe making, 6-foot tall French guy - you'll only get the reference if you see the movie!)