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Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas
Sorry I've been AWOL :) Let me begin by saying MERRY Christmas and seasons greetings to one and all! So, what did you get up to dear reader? 

Me you ask? Well, today or the last couple of years? 

Last couple of years, I moved jobs after almost a decade - now work for Microsoft since 2 years (previously Thomson Reuters incase you have forgotten), moved cities (live in Hyderabad as opposed to Bangalore), well for now. Paid off my home loan and am now the proud owner for a spanking 3 BHK home in Blore ---- Whoottttt!! 

Whats not changed? The every elusive Mr.Right is still lounging on a hammock somewhere reading the latest book to catch his fancy while I continue to struggle with Mr.RightNows :D 

Ah well, such is life. I am going to try going back to being the Pramila of 2004 and see if I kick the poor lifestyle choices I seem to have picked up along the way...
- overworking
- BAD food choices
- sedentary life style
- destructive relationships 
.....time for a full overhaul:D 

I wouldn't mind some friends to keep me company in the journey. Must be funny and positive! 

If you think you fit the bill, go on, apply for Mr.RightNow! :D 
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