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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
brits anyone? no thanks!!!
good lord!

6 months of daily interaction with brits and not one bad experience to speak of. trust me to go find the cattiest person on the net! ah well, didn’t waste too much research time on the group – they aren’t an indicative sample anyways. need to start again. sheesh!! thats a bummer. to be honest, only one was catty, the rest r just good+supporting friends…
just cause someone is not from their land they presume that their knowledge of the english language is superior. yea,sure.that’s precisely why their bosses are from here.

ah well, am not going to waste my blog discussin ‘em..

one of the cutest mails ever follows (written on December 12, 2002) :

"He has a job that he loves, some sort of car, a house or apt. (Not too neat, not too messy), a compatible sense of humor, a delicious blend of honesty, charm and dependability. He doesn't care if you take just a bit too long to get ready for a party,and he loves every bit of your experimental cooking endeavors.He supports your career and he's nice to your family. He's the perfect combination of passionate creature and true best friend." Is this what you are looking for? Read on .. :-)

Well... that's a line i like to use. But you seem more intelligent than that. So i am not gonna try that on you. ;-)

My name is *%#@$*. I try to get ppl to call me *^$ but my friends prefer to call me bagherra or bags. I’ve just finished my MBA and am working in b’lore. I like travel and take assignments that involve travel. a frequent place i have to keep coming to is mumbai. any more trips and i probably will know every steward and stewardess on this route on jet by their first names. Though I always remain in the junta’s eye so to speak, I like to have a close net of friends. I am intensely competitive but I also believe that one should not take oneself too seriously. You mentioned intelligence, well that's something you'd have to judge for yourself i guess. After all i don't know if you are the head of mensa, do i?

I get along very well with anyone who is simple, open, fun loving and tolerant. Like me ;-)

Me not too good as a wordsmith so will stop here. Do reply. Lets see if we can have long philosophical discussions on life in a barrista, or an intense analysis of the q3 engine over Chinese or general gup shup over a bhutta :-) After all the mark of a friend I guess is that you can simply keep talking to him/her regardless of subject. :-)


--- name not revealed as the person went on to become a pal.

Wonder if there _IS_ someone like the guy in the ‘line’? calm down pooja... if there is, I’m sure you'll get him. I’ll probably get stuck with his older, crabby brother!

till later folks!
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