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Monday, March 08, 2004
bungee jumping - part 2
Whoa! two entries in one day…blog is kinda addictive I guess..
read a few blogs today…got into a ‘blog group’ of sorts – SimonG’s….the whole lot of them r good fun…sort of like me… totally crazy… only they write better…
they’ve had plenty more practice I guess..

maybe I should call my page stinkypoo.com
years ago a friend n I used to write vastly interesting notes to each other (or so we were lead to believe) on IIT-B’s site (mood-indigo message board) n our conversation (or word-war?!?) was followed by many…we later went on became good friends n our love of the written word saw that many many mails went hither n thither (spellings r all wrong I bet) …n he suggested maybe we should put all the mails on a site… the name chosen for it was www.stinkypoo.com

…ah, college life. I miss it. I miss the madness (not that my life is not mad now! lemme hasten to assure u it most certainly is)… miss the “stayin up” coffee (mayu – short for mayura stayed over at my place for over a month and a half prior to my T.Y exams.. n we were misguided into believing that drinkin black coffee kept one awake!.. except for the exercise it affords one – making trips to and from the microwave – I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would think it achieved anything of the kind!) …miss the college festivals – mood indigo, malhar et all… miss ….enuf missing, this is beginning to sound like a missing blog! n if I don’t desist all my readers (not that I have many) r going to give it a miss!!

hmmm have been asked what I like/dislike. Its such a difficult question to answer.. shouldn’t it be the easiest? Considerin the subject under discussion is _ONESELF_!? Ah well… lets try..

I like reading… love wodehouse ..authors like crichton, nora roberts, archer, paul cohelo (am sure I killed his surname) grisham r worth a mention…as a many others I have left out - for now.
Love music …all genres..everything from ghazals/old hindi music to headbangin (abso love the chant …’start the f***in music!’)
Travel..LOVE discovering new places…like just takin off.. have been able to do it successfully only once – daman – vinny (vanita to u)
thursday we discussed taking off…wondered where
friday morning we settled for daman… afternoon she picked waiting list tickets
evening I was on a bus hurtling toward borivili.. stayed up till 4 yakking
we were outta her house by 6:15 sat morning… the train to vapi was an experience alright!
Spplllluuuurrrrggggeeeeddddd there on the hotel room – totally worth it though!the beach actually started at the bottom of the hotel’s steps…and of course pigging out in front of the tele in an air conditioned room is always worth it eh vinny?
…went sight seeing…stayed out too late.. not a single rick in sight… vinny says “I’m spending the night sittin out.. no way am I hiking all the way back!”…some cajoling & good luck saw that we got a rick n went back to our room… ah… that was one amazing trip…wish had more friends who liked to travel!

I seem to be detouring way too much to be writing a blog…devina has reached texas… called to tell me that she reached safely even though her flight was delayed – reliable air India. Trust it to be late. Every time.

DHL, on time. every time.
Air India, never on time, every time.

Reliance India… “mere papa ka sapana, sab ka mal apna”!

Will attempt “I like..” tomorrow..

Stay tuned for another edition of nonsense.
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