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Monday, March 08, 2004
bungee jumping!!!
nope. i haven't had a chance to try it yet.
why the title? well i like it, reason enuff!!! my blog n i'm the king here! ..er, queen?...princess!
bungee jumping may not have happened but a trip to talagoan or some such place did!... and was a vastly enjoyable experience!
since i amn't making any great inroads on the work at hand (if what i do can pass for work!) i might as well blog - but before that - anyone who wants to leave comments - please do not automatically assume i have a masters degree in philo! ...leave comments like u r talkin to a 4 yr ol... umm better still, make that 3 yr old!
now what was i rambling bout?
ah yes, my trip
got up at 6 (yup, ye of lil faith, i did indeed get up at the crack of dawn!)
left home by 6.30... the bombay-pune expressway is very impressive i must say... my driver obviously has some unfullfilled ambitions of being a pilot... ah, itz the loss of the airline industry i say! - he flies fairly well!
nevermind that instruction to fasten ur seatbeatly weren't given at the start of the flight... which flight r u allowed to keep ur cell phone on durning take off!
the veggi market in the village is worth a special mention. imagine how much one whole kilo of fresh potatoes costs u? one rupee! nope, i didnt use a time machine... very much 2004!
had some superb tea ... saw a beautiful sunset...
n came back to bbay - after a slight detour to lonawala for chicki

wonder Y i came back to bbay!
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