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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Courtroom drama, Blog layout & Victory!
This blog is going to cover 3 topics (you didn’t really think the words that made up the title were in anyway connected didja!?)
Bombay High court was paid a visit by yours truly yesterday. No no! Don’t worry..wasn’t hauled into court for a misdemeanor. Merely went there ‘in lieu’ of my boss’s friend. The person had purchased some land in an auction and all sorts of complications had resulted…and as the friend didn’t want to fly into town for the first hearing, we went in his stead.
Quite amusing the whole incident was! Many of you may not know this, but many moons ago I wanted to become a lawyer – my not clearing the NILSU exam (a VERY tough exam – over 50,000 take it and only 80 clear. Many take it twice, some even thrice) post my 12th standard put paid to that dream – but some embers of the long ago dreams still burn bright..the court room visit was an eye opener of sorts..
The Indian legal system & courtrooms are much maligned and the judges widely criticized for their delayed verdicts. Nothing of the sort was in evidence at yesterday’s court. A Mr.Despande was holding court, and must say he did it rather well. He told lawyers things like “Ever since I’ve had the misfortune of setting eyes on you, you have done nothing but lie! Everything you say must therefore be taken with a pinch of salt!” the clueless lawyer says “Yes your honour!” god!! I could barely stop myself from laughing out aloud! REALLY loud! Very swift in delivering his verdicts, he was.
…with judges like this chappie…wonder if the legal profession deserves to be looked at once again..
In other news, as is visible – a lot of changes have been made to my blog’s layout. Most of you have been really helpful, but I need to specially thank a few people.Adorably green tops the list for being prompt in sending me a detailed mail about how to set up my links… but being dumb as I am, I needed princess Zia to actually do most of the spade work for me! Thank you!! :) ….and then bring up the rear was the wonderful El loco lucho who decided to go a few steps further and incorporate things like an ‘about me’ etc in the side bar…under his and princess Zia’s tutelage I seem to have gotten myself a pretty ok side bar (phew, that’s beginning to sound decidedly like an ‘award’ winner’s speech, so I better put a cork in it! As one of my much liked critics told me today
! says: the workplace rantings were ok (your boss may not see it)
! says: but the 'thought pieces' are dead boring
! says: you write too much
! says: cut it down, make it trimmer and neater
! says: you aren't James Joyce, stream-of-consciousness doesn't work
about my last blog!)
And finally – victory!!!! The men in blue, went, saw, defeated! No, bested!! No wait, I’ve got it vanquished!! We vanquished the lil green men – no not mars silly, paki cricket team!! YAY!
(The above is to be in no way construed as my harbouring any dislike for Pakistan, as a people – just love kicking their ass at cricket!!)

Will leave you with….
(Incident described in "From the Pavilion End" by Harold "Dickie" Bird)
"Bomber" Wells, a spin bowler and great character, played for Glocuestershire and Nottinghamshire. He used to bat at No.11 since one couldn't bat any lower. Of him, they used to paraphrase Compton's famous words describing an equally inept runner; "When he shouts 'YES' for a run, it is merely the basis for further negotiations!"
Incidentally, Compton was no better. John Warr said, of Compton "He was the only person who would call you for a run and wish you luck at the same time."
Anyway, when Wells played for Gloucs, he had an equally horrendous runner as the No.10. During a county match, horror of horrors.......both got injured. Both opted for runners when it was their turn to bat. Bomber played a ball on the off, called for a run, forgot he had a runner and ran himself. Ditto at the other end. In the melee, someone decided that a second run was on. Now we had all four running. Due to the confusion and constant shouts of "YES" "NO", eventually, all of them ran to the same end. Note - at this point in time, the entire ground is rolling on the floor laughing their behinds out. One of the fielders - brave lad - stops laughing for a minute, picks the ball and throws down the wicket at the other end.
Umpire Alec Skelding looks very seriously at the four and calmly informs them "One of you buggers is out. I don't know which. You decide and inform the bloody scorers!”
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