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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Diddly doo...doo...did!!....done???
It has been over fifteen years since India played cricket in Pakistan? Our (rather their!) general mushy and ABV suddenly deem cricket in Karachi safe? Of course it has nothing to do with the coming up elections. No siree. Not in the least.
Don’t get me wrong. I am a staunch supporter of BJP – but that has more to do with it being the least evil party. But seeing shows like tonight’s telecast on CNN where ****** of BJP (am taking a leaf out of someone’s book and not mentioning names – don’t want to get shot now, do I?) (oh boo! Who am I kidding? Could never lay claim to even a smidgeon of common sense – have gone and named a person who successfully staged a military coup _and_ is the leader of a decidedly militant state!)
Where was I? (I do tend to ramble, don’t I?) ah yes….tonight’s telecast..the poor hapless CNN interviewer kept asking the man a simple question, whether BJP planned to continue their current mantra even post elections. The irritating sod would just not answer no matter what!
She : will you or won’t you continue xyz post election (what BJP’s mantra was is not the focal point)
He : blah blah blah
- this happens some n number of times. Then

She : it’s a simple question, will you or won’t you? Yes or no?
He : takes of again on his blah blahing.

Must admit the man’s resolve. He just wouldn’t give a straight answer no matter what! (the “she” ought to have pulled his god damn turban off – along with his hair of course! and smacked him one while she was at it.)

By the way, just for the record - I have nothing against the people of Pakistan. In fact have a budding friendship with a girl named Sarah who happens to be from there. (She writes really well)

Hmmm reeshy reminded me of something earlier today. Not caring. Not caring a hoot about what anyone said or did. Being who I was in the face of all odds. Hmmm.
That’s who pramila is (used to be? Jeez, I hope not!). That’s who pramila will try to be. These past two months have been kinda crazy. Guess I lost sight of who I really was. Nice to be back home, to myself.

‘Wear sunscreen’ is playing in the background. One of my all time favourites. All time favourites reminds me of Mr.Archer.
Yup Jeffery Archer.
Have been hearing all manner of upsetting things about him from a pal – Duncan. Don’t know how much of it is true. But even if a 10th of what he has been telling me is true then I’m going to feel very, very, VERY let down.
He comes across like such a nice person in his books. Especially his prison diaries. (two parts are out – have read both. Try ‘em. Makes for interesting reading.)

Ah well. Diddly doo...doo...did!!....done??? What does it mean?
Hey, its not supposed to mean anything! It’s the rambling of a _crazy_ mind remember!? ;oP
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