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Thursday, March 04, 2004
the blank white box stares at me expectantly...
i know it won't judge... but part of me is terrified (what if my blog is more of a bore?!).... another part is wonderin what on earth am i doing here? have a whole hellava lot of papers to read through... (doing research is NOT easy - don't ever let anyone tell u otherwise!)
how did a naive, dreamy lil gurl from small town thane get into this crazy business of doing "research" to set up a business? ....she always did dream of her own company (had it chirstened n all - dreams unlimited) (i know SRK stole it!!!) ...i'd spend hours letting my imagination run wild ....picturing myself walking smartly into my office ...*click click* my shoes beating a tatoo on the the polished floor as my sec (obviously i had one of those! all successfull people do.) follows me into my plush cabin, carrying a load of important files....reading out the day's appointments, reminding me which papers need my perusal for the day.... (don't ask me WHAT line of work i was in - i had a fertile imagination, but even my imagination didn't strech that far!)
now that the corporate world has sucked me into its fold... part of me longs for those lazy afternoons... sitting with akka on our front porch (Indal, now known as hindalco, could afford PALATIAL mansions) where one could live in fantasyland...without having to do any 'real' work. feasibility reports, budgets, networking et all were words outside my ken.
ah well.... lets see if i can make any sense of these words NOW! ;o)
untill next time,
keep up the good work...
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