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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Run away if you wanna survive…
(Caution : dry reading ahead. Please stop here if you hate rambling nonsense, which goes absolutely nowhere.)

I do so “get” that song sometimes. So I did just that.

Ran away.

Oh no, not in a “I’m running away from home” sorta run away.

It is just that I’ve not had any ‘me’ time in a long, long, LONG while… so this weekend I just took off.

Saturday morning saw with me feeling real lazy, so I thought I’d catch up on some sleep and quit supporting the horror show look – thanks to under eye blackness. This whole new job whistle trying to figure out which direction I want my career to head has not been easy. That coupled with most of my close friends getting hitched or almost there (with me playing the agony aunt as usual!), while there is noooo hope for me, not even in the distant horizon, has a.. well, not a very nice effect.

Then I spoke to this very like-minded cousin of mine with whom I had loosely made plans for the weekend but as we hadn’t spoken over the week, assumed were off. She left genuinely bad for forgetting to call me and tried persuading me to hop on a bus and come right away. I was being difficult when her pal jumped in a cajoled me into coming. Have got to say, am yet to meet anyone quite that tenacious!

Well the place I was to go to was Pune..which is a good 3 to 4 hours away from Bombay. Hadn’t asked my dad whether I could go in advance so he was giving me the third degree. By the time I finally got outta my place it was past 6.30…reached the place where I could get a bus/cab from at 7!…unfortunately there was no one else who wanted to share a cab (they have a system that they take 4 ‘seats’ and divide the cab fare between the people) so I figured I would have to spend the day doing nothing at home after all…my darling cuz calls at 8 to find out where I am, just when I am about to turn back. I update her about the situation and tell her that I’m going back home..she goes “no way!” tells me to take a ‘full cab’ and she’d pay for it..her treat… I am wondering why either one of us is even contemplating this at 8 in the night! Firstly, it would be a colossal waste of moolah! Secondly, it was going to be 11 at the least by the time I reached! But…well.. I went :)

I met her outside Le Meridian and we went straight to the disc. Had been a while since I went to a disc so I thoroughly enjoyed myself (usually abhor discy typo place – too much smoke for my liking not to mention arbit men ‘bumping’ into you accidentally) She is a fabulous dancer and is an inspiration to all around her. The vodka shots helped too I guess!! I had a fabulous time. We eventually made our way back to the company guesthouse in the wee hours of the morning (she is a C.A and has gone there for an audit)
We sat up late into the night, no, morning bitching about men. Coming up with all sorts of theories about why all men we meet are such absolute wastes. Why it is impossible to have a relationship with any one of them! Then we saw Pretty woman and decided there outta be law. There oughta be a law that a woman shouldn’t look as beautiful as Julia Roberts does in that movie. We wanted to know why we didn’t have Richard Geres climbing up our balconies? Guess meeting men off Hollywood boulevard might help.
Got up really late on Sunday, the day I was supposed to get back to my city. We cooked up a storm for lunch, with different cuisines...panner tikka masala & rasam I now realize are a deadly combination! Felt like an over stuffed python so we made our way back to bed for an afternoon siesta! Reluctantly got up in the evening...when my cousin and her buddy decided to convince me to stay another night!! (that man’s middle name ought to be TENACIOUS!) I knew I had work Monday morning..and dad was going to give me hell for it..then again, its not everyday that I get outta the city...so I stayed. (it meant I would have to get up at 5 am, leave by 6:30 & go straight to work, I stayed!)

And thus began another round of male bashing. For all you guys who wonder what we women talk about during pajama parties, we don’t talk. We just get down to some solid bitching. Oh it doesn’t begin with the intention of bitching. It usually starts out with recounting some incident…some bitter sweet memory.. which triggers of a million unanswered questions. After which yet another stab is made at trying to figure out WHY things didn’t work out, figuring out how a guy’s mind works. Resulting in churning up past anguish. THEN the male bashing begins!

The stories that are most upsetting are not ones where a relationship was attempted and consequently failed. It’s the ones where one doesn’t have a clue what in the blue blazes happened. One second the guy is hinting he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and the next has taken off, forever, without so much as a goodbye.

Where he says “I dunno whether you good for me or bad for me...but you are the only one for me”

It must have been love, but its over now...
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