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Saturday, March 27, 2004
Runaway Bride!!!
(The weekend is here! YAY!! Am in a rather lazy mood plus have some mailing to catch up on so I am going to leave you with something I wrote to a friend yeaarrrrssss ago, four years actually, which unfortunately still holds true about me)

This a personal mail.. as in its written by me though it was sent to everyone on the list... hope it still qualifies as personal mail?

Happy reading folks!


Hi there people!
So, didja just see the movie? (look at the TITLE folks!)...I’ve seen the movie before but star movies showed it a lil while ago... ummm some movie...have seen it before too… and love it each time I see it.... y? ..well ..*sheepish look*...probably 'cause I can identify a teensy weensy bit with it... no no Oh no! I do NOT leave men standin at the alter (as if I cud even drum up even one single solitary guy to want to go up there in the 1st place!) ;o).... i mean maybe I’m just as scared of commitment as 'Maggie' is...though thankfully (n LUCKILY) i don't have to live with the thought of having lost out one my 'one true' love (my best friend’s wedding is a movie that haunts me!!) ... but I guess that is the reason why when I meet a guy, especially n “interesting” guy, I try n din it into his head "we r just _PLATONIC_ friends".....without giving either party a chance to get to know each other better... ummmm, this has been pointed out to me... quite a few times... am workin on it...
whokay, enough about moi! :o)
Don'tchya think the proposal "I guarantee it won't be easy. i guarantee that at one point or another, one of us, or both of us, is going to want to leave. But I also guarantee that if i don't ask u to be mine I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life, because i know in my heart u r the only one for me" is not only the MOST honest proposal.....but also the mostest romantic one..ever?
My parting shot....there are too many things mediocre in life, love shouldn't have to be one of them, wot say you?
p.s: one word of advise before I say good night... "find yourself..... before u set out to find your 'someone' " ... a confused person cannot make him/her self happy .... let alone anyone else.... :o) goodnight ladies n gentlemen, may u find the love of your life.. and have the sense to RECOGNISE it!

(The below is the then reply of a friend – actuality.log – thanks to whose reply I had the above mail!)

wow.. really.. u write beautifully :).
my umm mails r just i dont really know the word.. like some scrap paper in comparison. i do mean well but _NO WAY_ can i ever put something across like that.
and .. what u've said makes perfect sense. and finally .. "may u find the love of ur life.. n have the sense to
RECOGNISE it!".. i hope so too :).
ps . initially, i wuz like.. _HOW_ can a "personal" mail be typed for one person n sent to somebody else.. but that changed after the first few lines.
and .. i will really treasure this.. its beautiful.. sniff sniff.
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