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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
This is CRAZY!!!
Ludicrous? Preposterous?? Ridiculous???

This entire mess has been given entirely too much importance! She didn’t like shortened forms of English words and she said so. I didn’t like the way she said it and I said so.

Why on god’s green earth are people in two different continents sitting and fuming at each other because of it?? It is all too silly!
And to think this exercise began in an attempt to study an average English group! Good gosh! There is nothing average about this group! Some are whacko, some have a mean streak, some are sweet, some are ‘yes men’ (as someone else eloquently put it) but none average!

I have to admit my retaliation wasn’t in keeping with who I am. I normally don’t lose my cool so easily. Why did it happen then? Oh I don’t know. I needed to find an indicative group. (and _FFAAAASSSSSSTTTTTTTT_) This particular one seemed to fit the bill till the much talked about ‘exchange of ideas’ occurred, without so much as a warning. Strange thing is I had spent a large chunk of 8th with the group and used exactly the same sort of ‘lingo’ without anyone questioning, forget getting offensive, about it. So it caught me a little off guard I guess.
She is a kid for crying out loud (well, anyone below thirty is! – and you shut up bout me being a grandma! I’m not referring to just chronological age here)
So then why did I give her rant any credence? er…ummm Plenty of things on my mind? Bad mood? PMS? My planetary alignment was all wrong? One of these reasons? All of these reasons? I dunno. This is beginning to sound decidedly like a post-mortem.

Write plenty of these crummy ‘official’ letters typo thingies in my work life. Have neither the desire nor the inclination to watch my commas and spellings like a hawk at all times. The line of work I am in currently dictates that I do way more then my fair share of it anyways. It is enough for me to know that I _can_ do it when required. One doesn’t get a master’s degree without more then just a passable knowledge of the English language not to mention stand first at college in the said language. (wonder if I should backspace that last bit?..sounds more then a wee bit like I’m blowing my own trumpet. Ah well, once in a while it’ll do I guess?)

Bottom line is, she was nasty. Then so was I. Now she has apologized. And I will too. Sorry Morts. (the distant din of clapping, slowly mounting in tempo can be heard) *bow, exit left curtain*
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