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Saturday, March 20, 2004
What do you think?

Just finished a meeting with my boss (if you can call him that! More of a silent financier actually.) Well, he is usually a very nice and amenable person...Doesn't ever hassle me..infact possibly the only 'boss' to have ever come and told his employee "hey its past seven in the evening, you shouldn't work so late" - I know wow. (psst, but I think the comment "girls shouldn't be outta the house so late" just after that took away something from the above.. Anyway... all in all, generally someone I really like working for.

Not today.
Why, you ask? Cause he has shown himself lacking in the human spirit.
Before I start ranting, let me tell you what happened...See there is this girl, lets call her ms.x, she recently lost her job as her office shut down. She really needs another job as her family isn't well to do. (won't bore you with details, you get the rough sketch of her situation) Well, she has been going for tons of interviews and hasn't be able to get through any of them. Mum told me about her and asked if I could help. I agreed readily, without even meeting her. (She can speak English well and is computer literate, how hard could it be?)
She came by my place yesterday, I met her & found her to be exactly what I had in mind. Someone who is not unemployable, just stuck in a bad situation.
I knew that my boss was looking for a person for his other office. The job is of an office administrator one this girl was well equipped for. Like I've mentioned before, he is usually one of the best boss anyone could hop for, plus my boss is extremely fond of me. Usually. Well, I spoke with him (last night itself) and he was all very "Do you like her?" and everything, so I thought things were sailing along smoothly, especially when he agreed to meet her today (Saturday) when the other office is closed. (yup, I do have some sway over him, don't I)
Today morning I brought her along with me to office. And he was his usual sweet self, but was speaking with someone else and requested her to wait in my cabin till he was done.
Ten mins later he calls us, I was on the phone - with my accountant, a call I couldn't hang up. So the girl goes for the interview... And 15 mins later comes and tells me things went ok, but now she has to go and give some 3 rounds of interviews in Andheri.
My jaw dropped.
I know he is the be all and end all of that place. I wondered what was going on. A couple of mins later as expected I was summoned... and in a very 'jovial' fashion the message is conveyed that she didn't get the job. Why? Well, I guess I forgot to mention, she isn't the fairest person I've met, nor the sharpest dresser. Wonder how I could have made such a big over sight. Obviously you need to have a peaches and cream complexion to be able to file papers properly. And of course it goes without saying you need to have lil or no pigmentation in your skin tone to be able to actually take payment at a retail counter.
What was I thinking off?! How does it matter if she has done similar work before? What bearing does her education have?!?
Well, I do admit she could be a little more lively, and use her smile little less stingyly. But seriously, when you have been outta a job for over two months, through no fault of yours, do you really have anything to smile about?
God. (Why am i calling upon him/her!! I'm a fence sitter on that one!)
This really makes me wonder... Do I owe my job to the lack of skin pigmentation?
Wear sunscreen sure seems like a smart bit of advise right about now.
Men. MEN. Baahhh.
Ranting feels good.
By the way another blog which is a really cool blog.
And to my family and friends - sending me emails to tell me this is nice??? Thats what the comments link is for! :P
Better go and get some work done for now (Yup, I'll stay outta the sun. Don't wanna lose my job, now do i?!)
p.s : yup, totally high on creating links! Its fun!!! :)
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