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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Cyber land!
Internet… isn’t it an absolute miracle how people a whole world apart, meet and connect? Here for once it actually doesn’t matter whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, or have bad breath or have fizzy hair, a gazillion zits… none of it matters. Caste, creed, language, even "biggies" like religion / nationality do not play a role. You are liked based on your thoughts. Just that. Nothing more, nothing less.
You could have gone to the most prestigious schools or you could have stayed at home and ‘self taught’ yourself. The only badge one needs to support is of similar interests. No strike that. Not even that. Just like-mindedness. One doesn’t necessarily have the same interest…so long as the other person’s interest is something one likes…something one wants to know more about.
Here kings and paupers are in the same echelon. Your fat bank balance is not going to help, except maybe to support sky-high telephone bills! Being a college stud or the most sought after girl in univ is not going to help you make friends here. You’ve got to do it on the steam of your intellect (or in my case, what passes for it!)
I remember when I initially started using the Internet it was a case of needs must. One of my closest friends was transferring from my college to Ozzie land. During one of our conversations on wondering how we’d cope, he said we’d stay in touch using the Internet. This to me presented a huge problem. I didn’t even have an e-mail address at the time (Feb 1999)!
Well, go he did. And learn to use the Internet, I did! Originally when I started using this medium I was totally convinced the only reason one would have to resort to ‘making friends over the net’ is because one was unable to make friends in real life. I didn’t dislike the people who did, mind you…just felt sorta sorry for them.
Five years down the line and I know how wrong I was. I’ve met and made some good friends using this medium. I’ve even seen people fall in love in our enchanted cyber land (check this out). And these love stories last more often then not. (Unless one of the parties is a really shallow human being and after meeting decides, oops she is too short. Or the female decides whoops! He is too dark!! – unfortunately real stories.) Or…or one of the sides has lied.
Here honesty is key. Not that in other mediums of contact it is not. Just here there is no body language one can read. No eye contact is afforded. Here one cannot catch any changes in voice. Nothing. Only the black words appearing in your inbox. The instant messenger telling you “She says”. Oh a few variations of smiles have come now, but I don’t honestly think I really wink like the msn messenger makes me look!
But if both parties are truly honest, I think this is a really good meeting ground.

Guess this line "I was born with a great need for affection and an even greater need to give it" - Audrey Hepburn – says it best. ( taken from Nick’s blog) In this century more then any other, it is difficult to meet people and shower our affection. The Internet makes this possible…from the comfort of your own home (I sound like an ad now! :-S). Me sitting at my desk in unknown Thane can connect with an entire group of amazingly loving and interesting people in Salt Lake City, be adored by a wonderful girl in Chile. Find a confidant in Utah. Become best friends with someone in Goa. Have someone from England think I am a witty person. Heck, have a Pakistani friend!
All in all Internet rocks…because like-minded people are not always geographically close by!:)

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