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Monday, April 19, 2004
Friends – Season TWILIGHT ZONE
Men! BAHHH!!!


Ok, not all men. Just sicko perverts who think they can become Mr.Octopus and its acceptable! Even “between friends”! How gross is that!?


There is this group of six friends - three guys and three girls. All of them recently got a job in a premier company (which is how they met, during training). Hit it off big time, house on fire stuff. Decided to live together after hanging out for the entire training period – two months.

After two months of living together...


One night, everyone is having a good time on the terrace yakking / chit chatting / catching up on the days events, when suddenly one of the girls realizes the ‘friend’ she is leaning against has made a pass at her!..being the innocent and naïve woman she is, she figures the pass wasn’t intentional and decides not to talk bout it.
Few days later the same chap feels her up when they were horizontal together. The entire group is lying around and it comes like a total shock! This time it is very obvious that it was intentional. She doesn’t know what to do, makes up an excuse and gets out of the room.
She keeps her trap shut and doesn’t tell anyone else bout it because she doesn’t want to be the reason the “group broke up”!!
A few days later the guys are having a slumber party at the girls place. After several rounds of cards and plenty of food, lights are turned out and everyone retires for the night. Sometime durning the night the girl gets up to find the ‘hero’ not only laying down next to her, but feeling her up…and down!! She says she needs to use the loo, gets up and spends the whole night acting as if she is reading!!!
I get a call a few days ago, close to 2:00 at night when I was talkin to this chap.
To say I was shocked would be the understand of the century! I never thought Chandler would molest Rachael!!! (these were their assigned parts) I try to keep a tight rein on my temper and try to think up a more permanent solution then castrating Chandler. Come up with one.
Rachael talks to the asshole, tells him this is not acceptable behaviour and his attentions are totally unwanted. He gets the message, apologizes profusely and gives his word that it wouldn’t happen again.


Chandler took off for a couple of days after the talk and keeps pretty much to himself since he got back. He labors under the notion no one other then the girl know bout his transgression.

Why do guys do things like this?! Yikes! How can they look themselves in the mirror?!? Good lord! When I initially heard of the group I was so envious that they had got to live out the dream most people my age have (atleast around these parts). Have your own place, in a happening city. Plenty of dough to spend. No parental restrictions. A dream job. Amazing friends to hang out with all the time.
Just never factored in Chandler being pervert undercover I guess.

Am glad Joey was there though :)
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