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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
I’m not dead! Well, not just yet!!
Trust me people I’ve not not updated my blog because I like to see the comments pile up! (though that is nice!!) ;)

One of my good friends –Sharon – came back to Bombay yesterday, she called after she landed back in town. After a bit of catchin up we hung up. She came over and we caught up some more. Then we went out for dinner and stuffed ourselves! This was followed by ice cream – at this HEAVENLY place – naturals. You have not had ice cream till you have tasted the stuff here! My personal recommendation Tender Coconut (also take my advise and never have this flavour any where else, unless of course you like the taste of coconut oil with your ice cream!)
Then we went back to her place and got down to some serious movie watching 3 movies last night and one today!

The evening (night?) began with Almost famous – a feel good movie, which does just that. Makes you, the viewer feel good. Not a bad thing at all..its got it cut/special moments…or rather in proper lingo “inspired moments”. Me like.
Then came Fight club – yes, people. I had not seen this movie before. All those who need to pull back your jaw to the correct position, I shall give you a moment.
Fight club. Part of me wanted to rob lines, wax eloquently; do everything that someone who has just seen fight club wants to do. But I have been warned by an elder sibling sorta person that this has been done to death & people will just roll their eyes any not even bother to read! So I shall desist. Suffice to say, it’s a brilliantly made movie (though I kinda guessed what was afoot when Brad Pitt tells our guy not to talk to the woman about him)
To all those who have not seen fight club, one word of advise : SEE IT.
The last one for yesterday was Satayajit Ray’s Bengali movie Charulata. A classics. Could follow the movie without the subtitles, but am told even if one has to fall back on the subtitles its well worth the effort.

Got home with the intention of sleeping…happened to channel surf, saw The Rock playing…so :) …have seen it before, but just couldn’t resist. Sean is tooooo sexy for words, which is actually not fair! The man is old enough to be a grandfather! My grandfather!!

Finally after movie mania ended, got talking to a dear friend, below is a bit from the conversation

me: i never got that personal mail from u with all your childhood stories as promised!! him: im in emotional turmoil
me: ummm emotional turmoil.... wanna talk to me bout it?
him: nah its alright
him: im a man & im tired of being sensitive
me: sweetheart its what makes u WHO u r
me: please tell me whats upsetting u
me: please?
him: same ole same ole
him: i cant
me: ummm what do u mean u can't? u should!! its unhealthy to let it fester like this
me: and who the hell said men shouldn’t be sensitive?

… Unfortunately my horrid dial up disconnected me before I could get an answer.

Why do men feel that “if you are a man you should not be sensitive” ? that is bullshit!
This got me thinking. Okay, actually first it got me mad and then it got me thinking. I know being sensitive shouldn’t be a gender issue, but how many of us would be comfortable if our 6.2” friends suddenly starts sobbing in public? Hey I’m not sayin I wouldn’t look askance at a female doin it! I would....just,ummm we would think nothing of a female crying while biddin adieu to friends…but how many guys cry when their friends leave? Even if it’s a permanent move? I wanted my pal to open up, talk about his issues... but society, all of us, have this deep rooted imperssion that a "man's man" doesn't display emotion.
That is a stupid notion. Even a "man's man" is human and therefore feels pain. Its just wrong if he is not given the freedom to display it. By us or by himself. What say you?

Clarification : Also people I seem to have not communicated what happened at the airport properly in the last post.
1. The guy who paid me the compliment was not some random person I meet at the airport. He was the guy’s best friend, the one who came with us in the car to the airport.
2. And as mentioned in the point one, there was a car in the picture. Driven by the DRIVER. This was one of those prepaid taxis typo thingy that you get India.
3. He did not drop me home on the bike! He just has one!! it was mentioned because I like bikes!

Trust me people this was big enough an issue for me to write bout it – I got a call from a little known city called Baltimore 1st thing this morning. A rather worried one at that!!!
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