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Thursday, April 22, 2004
I’m not so sure becoming a parent is such a smart move! I mean the heartache and the sense of responsibility and sometimes the sheer impotency one feels is overwhelming. No no, I’m not a parent, well not yet anyway. Not in the real sense.
The friend I’ve been referring to, as a kid is whom I was thinking of.
I’m one of his closest friends… in his words I’m his ‘anchor in the sea of life’.
He was “doing things” with two of his female friends (at SEPARATE times! no orgies thank you very much) and things started getting complicated so all three of them decided to break it off (I’ve spoken with each of them). All of them unanimously decided to stay friends, only friends. PLATONIC only friends.
Each one is a really nice, warm, loving person. With plenty of love to give away… and possible, no wait, probably wanting some back. One is a goofy sorta protective person. The other is cuteness personified and very innocent to boot. Third one is vulnerable as hell on the inside but likes to pretend she is doing just fine.
All parties goofed up (one more then the others). Broke their word on different occasions subsequent to the ‘cease fire’ agreement. (cease all ‘foolin around’ just doesn’t fit, you know)
Couple of days down the line, one of the girls was out with her other friends…which left the other two alone at home. All sorts of ‘fun and frolic’ followed. To give credit they fessed up when the girl came back.
Next morning saw him making out with the other girl (the one who was out with friends the day before)
This has both the girls getting upset. Really upset. Which in turn makes the guy feel miserable.
They now think they can’t remain just friends and they should therefore move away. Hang out with the whole group (the famous six) but not be part of the close three-some.
Have tried talking to all parties involved …hope they can work out this glitch in their friendship..admittedly biiggg glitch.
I hate when this happens…why must the saying “you can go from being friends to lover, but not lovers to friends” be proved true so often?/em>
That said, I must also say these three have a very real chance of working things out *fingers crossed*

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Hey also I met my first ever ‘blog fan’! ….she is smart, she is witty, she is warm….and surprise surprise, she likes my musings!! To virgin blue lagoons tonight!!!
(…and you, you quit turning that shade of green, not your colour at all!)
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