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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Diamonds are a DAUGHTER'S best friend!! ;oP
..ok, attempt two at creating a new post.
haven't posted in a while... reasons? many and copious... but the real reason? - i'm a LAZY person!! ...and having a really ill computer doesn't help matters any!! :(
my birthday - 7th may - came and went (am REALLY glad bout the went part! would be totally accurate to say it was the _WORST_ b'day i've had. EVER
but that might have something to do with the way i started it.
got into a lousy argument with one of best friends, if not the best friend. he seemed intent on making me cry - achieved it - and then wanted to see how long he could achieve that feat...
then i re read cards sent by the "disappearing dude" (read 11th April's post) and the unreal nature of his disappearance hit me again...last year this time he was moving heaven and earth to send me flowers (no one else had ever sent me flowers other then him till then!) cause he was outta the city ...wound up callin in favours from friends - coming to the back of the beyond - thane - is NOT something people agree to do readily! ...and this year nothing. not even a b'day wish :|
ah, why the hell can't i ever let go of people. why do i stayed mired in my memories.
another friend - clarissa - who had sort of vanished too came back..that was nice... gives one hope.
a bad thing? dunno...
i'm getting side tracked...my bday...yea...what did i do?
my lil sis aka poo came over "early in the morning" in her land which in indian standard time meant 2 in the afternoon...
so after a hurried lunch made by ma (mum's one hellava of an amazing cook i tell ya!) we went and caught the movie Main Hoon Na which for some weird reason had a spoof on the matrix. ummm matrix... haven't seen part 2 or 3. why? we'd promised each other we'd see it together n not with anyone else. might not see those movies this life time.
wonder what the oracle has to say bout this...
after the movie we took some picture which prove beyond a shadow of doubt i'm TOTALLY unphotogenic! plus i look REALLY horrid!! ...all in all..a bad combo :(
then met another friend of mine, mayura, and she got us cake - black forest!! :) ....then i was dragged kickin and screaming for x-ray of my hand. some b'day eh? :-S
then mayu and i had dinner - at MacD's!!! :| ...then came home n sulked! ..ok well, i wanted to sulk at any rate...
a friend had his exams so i had be the sunshine gurl to cheer him up!
ah, the curse of being me! oooo ok ok, way to melodramatic!!
also forgot - the entire day there was an on going spat with my 'kid' who wanted me to come to b'lore for my bday - and n my not being there peeved him off no end. now lookin back, maybe i should have gone... who knows...
what did i get?? my lil sis got me a really nice top...my elder sis gave me plenty of the ol green stuff!! :).... and ma got me a ring in white gold, studded with diamonds!!!
look at that.... a friend has coaxed me into meeting him for dinner (he of the "i am sorry, i forgot ur bday! i thought it was on the 12th so sue me!" fame!! :-S
gotta rush... this is an incomplete post...will do the rest tonight (hopefully!)
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