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Saturday, May 15, 2004
Its been way toooo long since…
...since I had someone who wanted to hold me in his arms...for no reason at all..
...since I've known someone who wanted to call in the middle of a crazy work day to have his “smoke”
...since someone called me and shot his mouth off saying “why don’t you leave my head for like 5 mins? I haven’t been able to get _ANY_ work done!!!” ...and promptly hang up when he realized it was my kid sister who had answered the call! ;o)
...its been way to long since someone didn't want to share the wooden armrest in a movie hall...instead insisted that I rest my hand ON his...
...since someone wanted to cook for me, despite not even knowing how to boil an egg!
...since someone wanted to stay up the night listening to me ramble on and on and ON (I do tend to go on eh?!) bout arbit things...
...since I had someone who gave me massages..
...since a person was “on my side”...no matter what...irrespective of who the 'other side' was..
...since someone was interested in the most mundane things of my life...even if it was just what time I got up..
...since someone sang me to sleep...actually since someone just wanted to sing to me...
...since someone wrote 25+ page letters (yes, in the era of e-mails!) bout his childhood..growing up..school...
...since someone wished I was part of his childhood
...since someone felt holding me in his arms and not kissing me was the most difficult thing he has ever had to do..
...since someone wished his work permit to work in a foreign land (for an AMAZING job) didn't come through ..just so that he’d have more time with me
...since someone got a headache because he hadn't heard my voice..
...since someone exhibited withdrawal symptoms because he wasn't around me
...since someone wanted to just watch me sleep, for hours (and didn't mind my morning breath!)
...since someone flew across half the country to 'surprise me'...
...since someone wanted to take a hundred circles around the fire (since 7 would only secure the next 7 births)...
...since someone just knew he would always feel that way bout me..
...since I was the bench mark..yardstick in someone’s life...his be all and end all..
...since I meant more to someone then himself...
...since a person put me above all else...even his ego
...since a person felt they could spend eternity just looking into my eyes..
...since someone forgot the way to his own house!...because I was sitting next to him in the cab
...since someone sat in a puddle of water...and didn't realise it... until I pointed it out when we got up...because my sitting next to him 'messed with the working of his grey matter'
...since someone screamed at a rickshaw driver to "go left left...leffttttt"... when he actually wanted to go right...cause he couldn't think straight with me next to him...
....since someone actually sweeped me off my feet to land on his lap...safe in his arms...
...since someone just could not see me cry..
...since someone went for a party with his friends and missed me so much that he called me up and left the phone on, just so that he could ‘feel’ me with him. Even though it was long distance!
...since someone told me You are all I'll ever need (Lobo)
...since someone wanted to physically beat up a close friend for castings aspersions on me..
...since someone stayed up all night recording a compilation of my favorite songs for me..
...since someone bought mosquito repellent for me..for valentine!
...since someone got me a 'magic lamp' for valentine’s to "help you see how beautiful you really are"
...since someone thought I was really beautiful..not just to him.. but actually beautiful..
...since someone got hassled over my dinner dates with other guys...
...since someone got hassled over me period.
...since someone insisted on dropping me home, never mind how much trouble it landed him in...not to mention the expense involved
...since someone got uber worried about me coming back "too late" and would move heaven and earth to ensure I didn't travel 'alone'
...since someone tired learning the song "I’d lie for you and that’s the truth"
...since someone wanted to see every facet of mine, the good, the bad, the ugly, the angry, the plain Jane, the child...everything..
...since someone not only wanted me to be close to him…but wanted to be close to me
...since someone wanted to study hard, get good grades, do well & become successful “just to make you proud”
...since someone was ok to walk over from the other end of the city just so that he could shake some sense into me... just so that he could kiss me...just so that he could hold me in his arms...just so that he could smell me....just so that he could see me..
...since someone told his friends “hands off, she is mine!”
...since someone claimed I had become the voice in his head (2 weeks notice) in all his dealings whether with friends, parents, work.... everywhere..
...since someone afforded me the freedom to just 'be' (thank you Neil)
...since someone told me “if I could, I would. but since I can’t, I won’t.” when asked to ‘get over’ me..
...since someone believed "its just NOT possible to get over you"
...since someone felt “Lord she's every lover that I've ever had ...And she's every lover that I've never had
...since someone not only loved me...but was IN love with me...and believed it would last forever.

Strange eh?...I've never been in love..and yet I miss the feeling of being loved in the romantic sense..

(people coming by after a bit, read 13th may too - and yes, its still not completed..soon I promise)

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