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Thursday, May 06, 2004
my left hand!!
What have I been up to you asketh ?
er...a dear friend wanted me, _me_, of no creative talent, me to write him a ‘story’…and after much persuasion I started that on Monday..after reading chapter one any doubts I might have had about my writing abilities were dispelled. I have none.
Tuesday I wanted to get my hair trimmed…I have…no wait, _had_ - as in the past tense of have – had, waist, er..well, butt length hair (and when the butt in question is of a 5.8” person it’s pretty well away from the head!) …lack of tlc (tender loving care silly goose!) ..yea, lack of tlc saw that I developed a lot of split ends..so I thought a trim was in order.. the friend who was to accompany me for the hair cut was aghast and was totally against the idea..i convinced her a short trim would be good for my hair n it would grow back in no time.
Then I reached the beauty parlour and a little sweet talk..a lot of snips later… lo behold the man had converted my butt length, thick, jet-black hair to shoulder length horror!! I sat there stupefied not knowing what to say. (for people from the blog world – my hair used to be the only redeeming physical attribute in me, or so I have been told!) so now I’m without a single saving grace, physically at least :|
Wednesday there was the Times Ascent Job fair – which should have been called the BPO fair – the only, I mean, ONLY industry represented there was the call center one!
On my way back I had an accident...well sorta…
Was standing near the entrance of a local train compartment and talking to my friend… when suddenly I left the biggest jolt ever! *whack* …for a split second I didn’t even understand what the hell had happened…
Except everyone was looking at me and my friend was pulling me in…that’s when I realized elbow downward my hand was just a huge ‘pain’…
Long story short… I hurt my hand. Bad. Am sitting here typing this with one hand! :| ….the swelling has now come down (then it was 4 times my other hand’s size) …but i might have a hair line fracture. Dunno yet…its got a scary bluish look :-S
All thanks to my lil sis – baccha aka pooja aka poo – who _insisted_ like the dickens I would go to a doctor – else I would still have a throbbing hand with no medical attention.
…some way start to my “birthday” eh?
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