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Sunday, May 02, 2004
Week long weekend
Haven’t updated for a while…the last week has been a sort crazy chaotic week.
Last Saturday saw me attending an educational fair at the Taj Lands End at Bandra reclamation – reclamation from the sea that is. (wonder what happens when the sea decides to reclaim it's land!) Met up with my kid (cousin) brother and took him out to dinner after the fair - he who gives me strict instructions that the little time I spend with him, he will not share me with anyone! When his dad (my father’s younger brother) comes to ask us something, goes “why will no one leave us alone!!”
Have received the cutest compliment _EVER_ from him….ages ago, when he was really young – bout three or so, we were chattin..he with his head in my lap looking up… I asked him the silly ol question people are wont to ask children (I was bout 14 at the time) “Niki (short for Nikhil) how much do you love me?” ..he looks up, cocks his head to one side and says “Do you know how much I love you?”…"From deeeeeeepppppp underground to beyond god!!!”
To say I was blown away would be the understatement of the decade! No, century!! Ah the innocence of childhood…this kid is going to grow up to be a heartbreaker I tell you…(if only I could find myself a grown man who'd feel that way bout me!!) :|

Sunday saw me shopping, then sulking - in that order. Shopping loses it charm when one has to limit herself to the frigging XL section at the store. It is even worse when one lives in a country so crazy as to declare waist size 32 as XL in western wear!!! So browsing through tent like Salwar Kameez’s is the only option for someone who doesn’t conform to the fashion guru’s ideas of a female figure. And if the person happens to be reallllyyy on the large side (such as me) life is not fun. Hey I’m tall too!
I guess I didn’t help matters by pigging out with my pals in an act of rebellion. This binge eating has got to stop I tell you!
(wonder how/why the friends I was with, who “binged” as much as I did, never,ever, put on weight. ummm, one of them is married…a love marriage at that. that might explain _her_ cardio vascular work outs!) ;)

On Monday I got myself a blue nail! No no, I didn’t get it jammed anywhere. Monday was election day for Bombay (the central government) and when a person casts his/her vote a blue dot is put to signify that the person is a contentious individual who wants to make a difference. Well, maybe also so that people don’t cast their votes more then once!
Now the astute reader must be wondering why instead of a blue dot or two did I have a blue nail. Ah, the mystery behind that one is the lady in charge of dispensing the ink (dye?) was quite generous when it came to me! So I now have a blue nail & cuticle! hrumph.

On Wednesday a parcel came from salt lake city!! I got a hand made bracelet and wonderful C.D and book!! Thank you so much princess..you made my day!
Also I finally sent off chocolates I had made over a month ago for a friend in Goa…I wonder if the chocolates are edible any longer (hint hint : let me know if u got 'em. liked em?)…

My blog moved to its new home on 27th april - ok, you obviously know that else you wouldn’t be reading this. Silly me. I just wanted to say thank you to allllll of you who wrote to ask about its disappearance…the reactions ranged from furious (I demand to know what hell have you done with your blog!??) to the sweet (I need my daily fix of pramila / I need my daily dose of vitamin P – if I was giving out prize, you’d win!) ;) to the really concerned/bordering on panic “HELLO? Oh my god! Where is your blog!?” …it felt really nice to note so many of you cared……
she was the first person to notice... this Englishman (German for now?) shared a bit of his past (the slightest bit ever though)… this lady wrote a really cute line on it(do check it out!)thanks to this dude’s mail I not only got to know he reads my crazy stuff…but also got introduced to a new (for me that is people!) authorand had it not been for the mail I’d had never known he visits!…darling cousin’s mail was the only sign that I had people in N.Z reading this space!
Everyone else who sent me mails, thank you ever so much (I LOVE mails! The more verbose the better)
I now have a sis in Bali, a kindred spirit in Chile, someone who gets what I was on bout in gemany, not to mention the numerous _WONDERFUL_ people scattered all over the U.S of A...I love my blog world!

Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hima – people please do go over and wish her :)
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