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Monday, July 05, 2004
banglore bound
...the below is a post i wrote a few days back...why wasn't it posted then u ask? i fell asleep with the laptop on my lap!! i ain't cut out for 14 / 15 hour days i tell ya!!

The crazy mind is backkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

….i honestly haven’t been able to check mail/log on for more then 10 mins for the 3 times I did sneak online since 4th june.
Reasons? (a very curious lot aren’t we???) ….where were we? Ah yes, reasons..
Reasons as usual as many and copious…
…5th and 6th saw me running around frantically buying things for my darling sis (half of which didn’t make it to the shores of the United States, but u can’t say it was for lack of trying!)…as her bday was coming up, a family friend was heading there – and unsuspectingly agreed to carry “something” for her…. Little did he expect that a huggeeee bag was going to be left at his residence!
7th through 9th saw me getting my life into a semblance of order…also took ma for a ‘check-up’ (she is recovering splendidly – though the complaint of lack of energy persists)
10th I decided to do something of the “job-shift” I’ve been planning for a while (since a certain Mr.Jer/Shayer only talks of helping!)
11th I went for an interview. Got selected! Yay!! Have to join on Monday the 14th!!! Not so yay!!
Am still in “training” (the training period itself lasts for around 3 months) …three weeks of which is in Bombay and the remaining in Banglore!!
Was told it was a 5 day week… but very conveniently they now tell us it’s a 6 day week during training!
Was told transportation would be provided by the company, now we are told, not during training.
Was told the Bombay bit of training will be held at Andheri, I’ve been commuting to Malad for the past 3 weeks! (those not from Bombay – travel time from thane – where I live – is nearly double!)
Ah well, it’s a good company…so…
Come Sunday, 4th of july, I shall be on my way to the “silicon valley” of India… Banglore. (think of Bombay as New York – with a LOT more character and soul! And Banglore as California)

....whokay, thats where i fell asleep!

i've just REACHED banglore...had a wonderfully warm, one hour long shower...and kept the promise i made to myself that the first thing i'd do when i get to banglore is upload this post...
...now my banglore based friends r here to pick me up to go out for dinner (its 7:45) ...will write soon n tell u all, till then adios!
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