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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
i'm baccccckkkkkkkkkk
......though not for long!
its 11:31 in the morning (going towards noon)... and lunch has suddenly become the only meal i eat these days!
the new revised shift timings are from THREE in the night/morning to 12 in the afternoon!! - a good nine hours! ...and to get to office at 3 we are loaded up in the car at the unearthly hour of 1 at night! ...two hours of banglore sight seeing... only trouble is we (the 3 of us unfortunate souls who have been moved to 'banglore transport') actually 'see' nada! its too bloody dark to see outside... allways assuming we are feeling brave enough to stick out faces out in the freezing cold! (banglore is _FREEZING_ at night...especially if ur cab driver refuses to roll up his window!!)
tales of vodka drinking...trip to club x...first brush with tequilla....all in the offing...hopefully soon!!
for now i'm off to read my fav blogs and hopefully leave comments!!
keep visitin floks! :)
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