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Thursday, August 26, 2004
The only fight we lose is the fight we abandon. What's 'abandon'? :-)
the subject line is stolen from CS / Chindu blog.... words from his friend, Anjum... i didn't know Anjum, though i wish i did.. from whatever i've read of him, he sounds like a remarkable human being...
...his wife, Patcy, the woman who loves this remarkable human being is just as wonderfull...
a woman who stood by her husband when the terrible C was marking him for its own... a woman who was strong enough to tell her raison d'etre “Quit any time you want... it’s okay.” ..thinkin only of his pain..without a thought to how she would cope with her crippling loss.. a woman who depsite being in unexplainable misery herself, is being a tower of strength for his parents today...
...those of you who pray, please keep her in your thoughts.. and those of you who don't, please do for her.
i ask myself, would i ever be able to tell my man to let go, even if that was best, less painful for him?

would you?

...thank you Shain / Silent Knight for making a total stranger, me, feel amazingly special.. that song+post for me meant a lot!...brightened up my day...and reminded me i wasn't alone... do visit his page and scroll down n see the song he put up.. really nice
...this blog world of ours is really something eh? not only does the comments box bear testiment to your support, my mailbox isn't that far behind either! each of you who took time out of your busy lives to write, thank you. i know i'm a jackass most times with replying to e-mails/calls... but its _not_ because i don't care. i do. and all the mails are very much appreciated. more then you'll ever know!

my mood for the past couple of weeks has been...hmmm...well, i find my knowledge of the english language lacking...hmmm....whats the word?? ah, ditch.. don't think there is one.. my mood can't really be described... and considering i'm not a moody person per say...i'm on without any sense of direction again, amn't i?

ok, new para, new attempt.
i'm out of sorts. there are times when i want to just bite a person's head off.. for no fault of theirs.. other times when i withdraw from an argument, simply cause i can't find it in me to push forward... even when i am 200% sure i'm right (pull that jaw back, dodo! i said i'm not being normal didn't i!? :P)
am very, very, uncommunicative. yea domi, even more then normal. evading direct question seems to be second nature with me.
haven't a clue.

dad's health update..
he is not in much pain now. the painkillers are rather strong. but... umm.... ok i've been avoiding it long enuf - part of the reason i didn't post for the past few days.. the operation can't take place right now.. the lession is too big, n not enough elbow room for the doctors as it were. two blood vessels are surrounding the growth and unless the growth's size is reduced, no doctor can operate.
chemo has begun, the first cycle is on.. three cycles will be administered, and then fresh scan's will be taken once again. doctors will then take stock of the situation.
will keep you posted.
Well done!
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