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Sunday, November 21, 2004
Longing and announcements!
More then a month.
More then I month since I rambled on bout the nothings and everythings that constitutes my life!
why? well, surely not for lack of desire, I can tell you that!! No siree.. many a moments I've caught myself thinkin how I would relate a particularly funny incident to my blog land pals.. or when something upsetting occurred I'd long to seek your kind/wise words.. this blog land of mine is a world away from the world for me.. my support system if you will.. and extended periods away from it, displease me. greatly!

so did you miss me while I was trapped in the offline world?
missed not only telling you about my life (doesn't mean I am about to bore you to death the mundane details now, never you fret!)...missed learning about yours. Hated myself for not being their all the times any one of you needed me, or a shoulder to cry on.. or just someone to talk to... regret not being around to celebrate the big n small joys of your lives...

what happened this time this time - NO computer access. well, short and sweet eh?

Now onward to somethin we have all been waiting for... and my apologies for taking SOOOOO long!

Names of the participants accepted for Smiles Across Miles
*drum roll*

Suhail Kassim
Nishant Saran
Ellen Johnson
Kiran Murthy
Clarissa Alvares
Vanita Negandhi
Nicholas Moroder
Emily Turimouw
Shainu Varghese
Paul Was
Justin Corwin
Happy Lee Del Canto
Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan (Mynna)
Pooja Aldangadi
Miss Swizz
Ashish Dange (Ashtrix)
Nisha Jayaram (EnJay)
Leslee Carton
Urmila Padmanabhan
Manish Vohra
Imagination blooms
Vignesh Ganesan
Eddie kennington
Richard Dixon
Nidhi Ramachandran
Kadir Rathnavelu
Debbie Demora / Meave
Neil J. Armstrong
Dushyant Joshi (DJ)
Sara Stevenson
Taranjeet Khanuja
Loren Teryl
Zalina Gamat
Suzannah Benjamin
George Thomas
Mamta Rao

If anyone's name is left out in error (despite being accepted) then please dash me an email... any one who wants to ask pals to join up.... do so pronto. this weekend the site will be fully functional!
also check your registered email id for an email in the next few mins!

And hey, the button to donate is _not_ ornamental!...do feel free to use it, and often! Its a fully verified account, so all your information is _SECURE_!! :)

p.s : neil is now sans the dr. label ...and people plz use the blogger comments!
cactusjump : Hey! Was wondering what was up with you - glad to see you back and thanks for putting me on the list!
anytime girl.. i hope it was worth the wait! ;)Neil : Excellente! I must say though I hate that "Dr" title before my name - okay, it was one the bottom of my e-mail, but this is Germany and they love all that Herr Doktor nonsense even if you're a PhD.
ah...so that is the mystry behind the Dr is it!Glad to see you back though girl - and yes I know I shouldn't be using the comments because it eats them after a while..... But, that was quite a lot to write in the little messenger at the side.....
hey, u can use this window u know! :P :P :P ...must admit i am glad that u not only stopped by but left a comment too! :)
Milaaaa, how n where r u?? when do we meet up (online of course) for you-know-what??

gosh, it wasnt meant to sound like how it actually did! ;)
Oh and a comment in the Blogger comments too! I really am spoiling you this week. :-)
p.s. Smiles Across Miles looks really flashy.....
Thank god its up again. keep em coming
you sure is one crazy ass bitch !
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