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Sunday, January 02, 2005
...fresh year... fresh hope???
resolutions? well, na, thats whats expected of everyone on new years...
n considering i haven't got a 36-24-36 figure from last year's resolution nor have i got myself an admit from Harvard/Wharton something (that something being common sense?) tells me making resolutions doesn't help one bit. (come to think of it, i didn't even apply to the univs!!...hmmm, u think that might have something to do with my not getting admits???)


well as everyone here is aware, the above post was most certainly not posted... not even completed on the 2nd...

someone asked me earlier today if i had given up bloggin? have i?
have i given up blogging?

when asked that question i immediately jumped to answer negatively. me? give up blogging? no way no how sirree!!

but the sad state my blog has deterioated into makes me think...
....i post bout once a month... i haven't posted in over a month n i still have only 6, SIX comments!! this from a easy 20 to 50+ on good ones is a major slide - n hey, i am not complaining... i am well aware a lot of you bothered coming by - that nifty counter on the right panel tells me how many hits my blog has... plus a few of you have bothered to write me emails and ask why i am not writing - though that too has seen a saddd decline!
for that again i have only myself to blame! the first couple of times i went silent my inbox was flooded with mails but now my regulars have an apathetic response - regular absence will do that to the most loyal reads!!

i've been having a rather rough patch... i was just bout to say rough 3 / 4 months.. but then thinking back over the last couple of years, can't honestly say they have been swell either..
and i am sick of whinin on my blog.. i dont like writing tear jerkers... so writing about my life wasn't really an option and haven't ever been particularly good at creative writing..
kept "writing" blogs in my head, thinking "Today i will DEFFINATELY write a post" ....however, my poor blog bears testiment to the fact that i obviously never got around to doing it.

Dad's doctors (a bunch of ASS%#$ ) have given us bad news...what was it??? Amn't ready to face it just yet.
last month my mom fell and twisted her ankle... or so we thought... after a week when the swelling did not go down, when she finally agreed to have herself dragged to the doctors we found out her had broken her ankle.. pretty bad.. and it would need to be in a cast.. for ATLEAST four weeks!

my office management, which never really had all their marbles in place, seem to have COMPLETELY lost it.
shift changes EVERY week - which means we can't even plan things 3 miserable days in advance. forget things like outing with friends... but even doctor visits - around which my life seems to revolve - can't be pre planned! n they CHEAT too!! like till last week my offs were wednesday and thursday - right smack in the middle of the week - which friend will one meet then i ask you?!? but ok, i reconciled myself to it (as if i had any choice!) - scheduled ma's cast to come off on thursday... and bang! my offs have been changed to sunday / monday... which again i can reconcile myself too (n kill my self takin ma to the docs on a work day!) BUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT n here the bummer - but, the work week begins on MONDAY - n shift changes are effective monday plus we were informed only on SUNDAY - when we came in to work! so we - the whole darn team - gets only monday off for THIS week.
how convinient for them. (espcially as a 3rd party call center they get paid by the hour per agent by the client!)
there are times when teams have wound up working upto 8 days without an off - this in an industry where a 5 day week is mandatory.
and the H.R is suprised at the sudden increase in the attrition rates. go figure.

the situation with dad has become worse.. will talk bout it in the next post. or maybe i won't. talking about it means putting it on paper (ok screen). and i am not ready for that. just yet.
maybe never will be.
last year was bad. hope this year doesn't turn out worse.
check out dad here.

ohh, anyone know wether BALI was at all affected by the Tsumanis? Why do i ask??? A _VERY_ dear friend of mine - Mily to me - EMILY to the world was from there ....and she is not replying to my frantic emails.
mila... *hug*.. dont really know what to say.. so much going on in your life and you havent still gone berserk.. hats off to you lady!!! tell me if theres anything i can do to help.. anything..
Well done!
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