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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Picnics ..vodkas shooters…and men with sexy eyes!
(or should I change that to men with sex in their eyes!!)

I’ve been thinking for a while that since I don’t have anything particularly nice to talk bout in my life currently I could start recounting the gazillion amazing experiences I have had in the past.. that way affording my readers a glimpse of the ‘fun pramila’ also re living those happier times.. something my darlin’ Maeve suggested too! (they do say great minds think alike!)
Buuuttttttt thanks to the weekend that went by maybe I will just recount my recent past instead of a distant one! ;)
..a bit of general back ground
...in call centers/contact centers the office is divided into TEAMS. And team outings or team parties are encouraged… to build team spirit I guess...
and of the people on ground zero, the operations floor, a team leader enjoys a ..well, lets say a VERY glorified image..
also in every organization there are a few team leaders who are in the limelight time and again – by wining the rewards and recognition that are announced monthly..annddd for other reasons!!
..some facts
I am obese. Not plump. Not fattish. Not overweight. OBESE. As in clinically over weight. To the point of being physically attractive only to a cannibal king, who taking one look at me will throw his hands heavenward in glee saying “wowie!!food for the whole tribe, for an entire week! Maybe two!!”

On onwards with the story..

i met a guy ... or rather i noticed a guy in office!(noticed him noticing me??) yup, my office!!deadly dull Accenture!!!
n the sad part is, i know there is no, as in zippo future.... but... ummm i find his interest in me rather exciting (sexciting!?) ...he poured out his heart to me...a secretive person revealing darkest stories of his life...over the most lingering looks ever!making me wonder every second we spend together why he is lookin at me like I’m the most gaily warped gift under the x’mas tree..of a party he'd give anythin to be part of..
ok, as u can see I am going off on tangents here, maybe someone else should do the talking?

View from a close friend, who has been observing everything happen up close n personal : : I wud say there was an amazin’ simply amazin’ chemistry……which still remains a mystery….b’coz the guy who has stormed into pamz life like this…. is not at all an open book!!!!! i wud like to add that I used to be in his team….’n all I had noticed was qualities that make for a complete team leader…..by the time I realised that he had several other facets….one of them being his magnetic masculinity! I would have loved to discover the complete man in him…n all the facets that go with it….i was moved to a new team…with alas a new TL!!……..i don’t think I’d be wrong if I proclaimed he is one of the sexiest men in office… or actually should I say the SEXIEST man in office. Yes, without a trace of doubt..the sexiest! …and unexpected twist in the tale saw pammy being the recipient of the sizzling hot looks directed from this absolute beef cake… pammy… who didn’t even like him…. In the least! Cause of myriad reasons…some of them being her having heard some really questionable things about him from people at office, me inclusive… I remember telling her that he has sex appeal in his eyes… only to have her retort that “no appeal, I can see only sex in his eyes!” …but finally this seductive male… managed to capture her attention too…n boy was I zapped… any female would have died for the kinda looks he directs at her.. the inviting glances… the come hither looks… the constant attention… the finding of silly excuses to break the ice…u know he didn’t wait for a formal introduction…he grabbed every possible chance of being part of a conversation where pam was involved!till such a point that even she could sense the attention she was getting from the person she never thought about as more than pond scum!!(although the dumb babe required a lil help from yours truly to decipher what those sizzling looks meant)
He is perfect protagonist of any mills and boons story… the puuurrrrrrfffeeeeccttttt bad man, who can make luv to any woman simply by eye contact…his lethal weapon..
Well what was interesting chemistry in office certainly turned out to be spontaneous combustion of radioactive elements, scorching everyone and everything in sight during the office picnic…

If u don’t believe in love at first sight, maybe you ought to take a second look?!maybe our very dear pam needed help to catch another glance…’n there was an ample amount of help comin’ her way ,with me rushin’ at her SOS ..poor damsel in distress...(i'd kill to be in her shoes!!) she had a real hard time awakenin’ to the fact that she ‘d actually get swept off her feet by somebody whom she detested (ok, maybe i’m getting carried away here considerin' she isn't interested, yet!) she really seems to have a major issue with being able to believe a guy wud find her attractive!wonder why?!


Okkkkkkkkkk... I see its time for me to get back the controls, thank you for that rather descriptive, allabeit touch blown out of proportion,
introduction sue, btb, people she has recently begun her blog.. do check her out and some comments!

Well, yea... most of what she said is true, without the frills that is.. its not like he isn’t paying others attention...umm ..er well..actually.. honestly speakin..
ahem...lets just move on to the picnic shall we??

First lemme tell you how one gets to Manori Beach : we left from office at bout 4.30 in office provided cars... and it took us over 2 hours to get to malad st. from where one takes a bus to marve beach...once u get off at the last stop, you catch a 'ferry' (a boat) to the island of Manori, from where you catch a rick or a tonga to the resort you are staying at...

*****end of part 1, watch this space for more*****

I always knew it would happen, sooner or later the preponderance of evidence would start to pile up and bring your strange self-image into doubt.

good luck resolving that mystery.

(sings) "A long December.. and there's reason to believe..."
i should have known u would comment on this!!!
firstly i DON'T have a _strange_ self-image!!! n the _REALISTIC_ image i have isn't in doubt :oPPP

n it ain't good luck i need to resolve the mystery thats N.S!! dunno what i need, but something tells me luck ain't gonna be enuff!

"If you think you might come to California...I think you should" ....do you really justin?
Aloha Missus! :)
OOoo I luhv picnic tales..and tales involving hot men are even better. Whee!! K. Part 2 already!! *cough* hint hint

Miss Swizz
What? Obese women dont breed or something???
Now comeon ... why cant a horizontally over-endowed woman be charming or at the least interesting to a cocky guy? Its not that obese women are barrels ... they certainly have more fat in the right places too ... in addition to the wrong places ... if u get the drift ;-)

gurl ... get over that screwed view of urself and cause a heart crush or two :D the man with the sex in his eyes would be a good start ;-) tell u what, u crush this guys heart, lots more will come in the hope to win where he couldnt ... but only to get crushed *evil grin*
AWWWW, Honey! Come on! Give it a try, get over yourself and SEE, just SEE. WCS, you get laid, and make sure he wears a rubber, no harm no foul!
Are you reallllllly leaving me hanging like this???? AND...no email with the full deal. OR is this a way to get me to call...its working! Its working!!!! Ok, email me and tell me when you will be around and I will call....I MUST hear the rest of this becuzzzzzz..

Welll...we ALL know how long it can take you to post ;-)
Aloha woman, how u be doin? Long time no see, and i see in this time u have been .. errr... busy??? ;-)

how goes life?

sense of deception overrided my sense of perception when i abided with the losers axiom:"women cant write humour"....

henceforth i quit this belief ...and ..watch ot for more of ur blogs! :-)
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