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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
I confess!
ok, its official.
lazy is now offically my middle name.
Procrastinator describes me to a T.

this short piece is just to let you know i am back. where from thou asketh (if thou still careth enough to read!) ...and with good reason.... i haven't mentioned here that i went down south for about a week...

part two of the picnic and the details of the trip will come up.. soon hopefully..
those who think its made up fiction - u give me too much credit. i've an admittedly fertile imagination but even mine can't come up with the events of the picnic.. plus we have 20 witnessess to vouch for moi :o)
and for the one growing beards and getting grey hair... i'm chorry!! i know it ain't enough... trust me... well, no ...my track record doesn't seem to make me very trust worthy...
well tell u what.. check back here durin the weekend...
btb, the participants of SAM... hows the weekend for the lonnggg awaited launch???
well thats it for now,
take care and toodle-oo
Heyyyy! So u bak? realllly? How can I trust ya on that missy? ;-P

Btw, missed ya gal...how be ya? :)
umm, that anon was from moi - GreyRose
welcome back ... u came back from the south, now I go back to south ... for a week ... and then maybe to the US for a month ;-) ... hee hee hee ... guess I got the travel flu in my genes!!
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