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Friday, January 13, 2006
Mothers! Honestly!!
Jesuschristzuperstar!!! (I know thou shalt not take thy lord’s name in vain and all that.. but the good lord made mothers!!!)
Mine is a classic example of a “mixed breed Indian ma”.
She is neither the typical orthodox mother who will use 10 liters of coconut oil and insist that I do up my hair only in a traditional plait nor will she be cool with the idea of her daughter coming home past 10! ( though I do! Many times!!)
Recently a male friend of mine once again issued an invitation to come see his performance (he is a classical musician) at an annual festival – trouble is he is not based in the same city as I am… and on all previous occasions when the invitation was issued I had some solid reason why I couldn’t make it – exams around the corner or wouldn’t get leave from work.. or dad’s health… this time none of the reason were there.. except I couldn’t afford it as a result of my strained finances (haven’t worked for 6 months! – thank the lord above I lead a pretty frugal existence and most of my sal wound up getting saved)
He totally waved this aside and said he wanted to pay anyway, something along the lines of my presence there would a gift to himself! And promised me I would be back within 3 days so I needn’t worry over much about dad or mom either! Only glitch was he didn’t know whether air tickets would still be available so close to the date! I didn’t know how to react… what to say.. he said he would find out if tickets were available and call me right back..
I was bemused… and.. and…yes I wanted to go! I normally don’t make a habit of accepting gifts from people (ok fine! Usually kick up a fuss!!) but this was a gooddd friend… he could afford it (without even flinching!) and I could really use the break! (and I could pay him back later once my finances got sorted out!)
While he was finding out about the tickets I asked my mom – and she completely freaked out! NOOO WAYYY.
End of discussion! I have a feeling Victorian mothers would have been better!
I have an ancestral house in that city – so it wasn’t like I was going to live with him… just go see him perform but NOOO.
Why? Cause “its not good” !!
A few mins later a travel agent called telling me that the tickets were booked! And I had to cancel the tickets – he hasn’t spoken to me since.. understandable I guess.
I miss being special to someone.. miss someone fussing over me.. miss not HAVING to plan doctor appointments the moment I get up… (and if not doctors then dentists! – am having a root canal done right now!) three days… three carefree days… where I would have been wined and dined.. and treated like a princess. Literally! The man in question is a prince – as in from a royal family! Not to mention one of the _nicest_ men I've _EVER_ met... and is interesting compay...
But no. I am stuck here trying to workout how to get him to forgive me…and looking at my watch trying to figure out how much time I have before my dentist’s appointment. :|
damn girl! where have u been for so long? been waiting for an entry for so long till i removed your link on my blog because i thought u've stopped blogging!

looks like your dad has a renewed zest for life after his brush with death. suddenly, nothing seems too expensive anymore... =)
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