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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Alimarp : Pramila - who am I ?
Earlier this evening (is it really morning now?!) ah well, last night I guess :o) I did one such "about me" ...and my 'Will' on reading it suggested I put it up here - so here I am.

Usually quite a laugh I'm told... unless you catch me on one of my off days... then god help ye!

Often spontaneous - brought in my sixteenth birthday riding a bike - on a national highway - in my 'short' shorts (hey, i was born in SUMMER) meant to be worn ONLY at home - on the bike accquired only 8 hours before - no practice whatsoever! (almost met my maker that night)

Indugle in speed - the distance over time variety - NOT the drug! Don't smoke - and recommend you don't either.

Love getting to know people - everyone is a puzzle, though very few make it to "friends" zone.

Enjoy a good debate, which doesn't include reasoning like "..because!" Exchanging long emails also make it to the list of things I enjoy.

Take my commitments seriously, when I make them.

Dad, who is one of the most intelligent men I've ever known, uses "Unhurried precision" to describe me. For those of you reading this unable to comphrehend the sutble jab, let me simplify - punctuality / legerity / promptitude / celerity / what have you - is not my strong suit, yet. Yet.

My political leanings are very liberal. Am not the most avid follower of the News.

Enjoy the outdoors, love being able to spend time enveloped in the lap of nature. Though would hate to be hog-tied to just the country life - grew up in a big city - and I like the city!

Am, or so all my teachers lead me to believe, some what gifted in intellect - have never shown any real evidence of it to my knowledge - acdemically atleast.

Travel and learning about other cultures is something... The song Around The World< - By Dune says it best.

My heart belongs to India. Always will.

I don't discount the unknown.

Get drunk ...on LIFE - nope, not the name of a new drink.

Not in the best shape of my life currently - mentally : some reasons previously stated here. physically : I tend eat when unhappy - and judging from the way I look currently, I must be grief striken!

If you don't respect elders (any elders - not just your own) and/or think kicking defenceless puppies is fun, even once in a while - Its almost a given I'm not going to like you very much.

I'm very analytical. I cry at movies. I usually say less than I mean.

And on occasion get really verbose! ;o) So in summation..

Totally confused, completely self-assured, unbelievably naive, extremely astute, a cynic, a 'forever optimist'. A pile of contradictions!
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Now who isn't a pile of contradictions??? Am myself a study in oxymorons ... everybody I know are one ... :)

Just stop that eating and get back to shape. Grief doesn't help ... get your mind on other things ... drown yourself in work. Do yourself a favour & make your dad happy.
its not just the eating - its a life style change required. moreover the side effects of the medicines is that i have arthirities - so not much physical movements like excercise - am deffinately going to step up walking and maybe a bit of yoga!
and yes... making dad happy is something i have to look into. seriously!

nice to see you stop by after sooo long
Its been a long time I have been on blogs now ... am more on Orkut ... are u there???
You’re over due prescription:

Take one progressive positive step at a time. Be it be as simple as wearing a smile on your face when you get up in the morning or taking evening strolls at the beach, whatever you find to be a positive move from loosing the pouting face!

Make sure you don’t overcrowd (the steps) otherwise you just might end up taking two steps backward! The key is to take a step and let it slowly refresh and give you back that zest for life!
In the end of it all, you will be wearing a cheery face!
Hey there....welcome back to the blogging world!!!

Thats a pretty big and confusing list u got there!!! And if u think abt it, it reads more or less like the lists of most of us would read....give or take a few!!! At least that's my opinion!!

Oh and one more point....it is my firm belief that ppl who do not care to stop at signals for pedestrians or kick dogs who simply go upto them in a friendly gesture should be stripped and shot publicly!!! (imagine smoke coming out of ears!!!)
i can relate so much to u all the time...
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