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Saturday, August 26, 2006
World Trade Center
Its 1.31 at night. Just got back from seeing the movie World Trade Center

My take : Nothing is "special" about it. No political message. No heroics. Nothing.
Just the story of men who actually went in before utter and complete chaos struck. And survived because of plain and simple, ridiculously good luck. That and the sheer desire and will to survive.
And if the movie is to be believed - the kind of love that keeps a person alive. :)

SYNOPSIS : For the most part the movie focus on the true story of Will Jimeno and John McLoughlin, two Port Authority police officers who rushed into the burning World Trade Center on 9/11 to help rescue people but became trapped in the rubble themselves when the tower collapsed.

John McLoughlin (Nicolas Cage) is the veteran cop who has became an authority on the WTC after the '93 attack and helped create evacuation strategies. (This situation, however,is something that catches him completely off guard.) William Jimeno (Michael Pena) is the rookie cop who volunteers to jump into the fray when many of his fellow cops hesitate.

This movie is Tiatanic in a different setting. And what makes it special, to me at any rate, is this : Its the real thing. Life. Up close and its very personal.

I saw titanic something like 4 times in a movie hall. What can i say? I was young and dumb. And had an excessive number of female friends who wanted to see the movie. Oh, also I thought the song by Celion Dion was amazing.

The people I saw the movie today with were a little...well, upset that it had no "political message". Oliver Stone has made a largely apolitical film - And I for one aplaud him for it.

People from 87 countries died that day.

For me the fact that this movie has no message, no politics involved in it - just the human spirit, is what makes it special. I suggest you go see it.

Don't be expected to be blown away by heroics. Don't expect to see stunning footage you haven't previously seen. Heck, don't even expect to hear very moving dialogs or speeches.

Go because its life. Cause it could have been you attending office / meeting / seminar there that day.

Or worse, your loved one.
This post should have been posted on IMDB it would really fit in there.. u could just copy paste it there as well..
apart form that.. well the world trade centre was blown up with a very 'political' msg.. so i am not to sure if skipping it was such a right thing to do..
well nice to see u blogging more regularly again.. cant wait for this site to become hot and happening again.. like u.. :P
| 08.26.06 - 6:22 am | #
Hey....so I found another reviewer....good review, gives a nice and clear picture of the movie. Has it released in India yet? The hype here seems to be centering on the next Munnabhai film!!!
Love wants to make me swing,
Wants to make me fall,
And give into this attraction,

You make me want to sing,
Make me feel so small,
As my heart beats to these patterns,

I want to make you love me,
But that would never work at all,
Seeing that your heart is yours,
And this one is mine,
I really have no right,
To tell you how to feel inside,

Love pulls me on this string,
Over lines we drew,
These little lines of hope,
Fooling me to think,
It brings me closer to you,

You hate me now its over,
I’m not in love and sober,
And realising all the things,
I did and took from you,

I wanted you to love me,
You did all along,
But your heart was yours,
And I never quite knew what it said,
Until we said goodbye,

These little lines of hope,
I drew to help me hold your hand,
When I always knew you’d leave,
Fade and just keep fading,
Until I have to draw them again,
So I don’t forget,
And make the same mistake,
Next time I’m in love,
Not that I could replace you..
anonymous : that was a wonderful poetry..i cannot put into words what that meant to me...
shouldn't i know your name.. yes i suspect who you are... but shouldnt i know?

sumo : well, its too soon to accept the tag reviewer seeing that this is but my first... would love to do more though.
dunno whether its in the movie halls in india yet though

invictus : i am hot and happening only in your eyes! not many would agree with you bout my irresitability! :oP
as for the political angle - hell yes, it was a VERY political incident. but thats not all there is to it. it was in essence about killing of innocent human beings - of which many could possible not have had any political view points at all... and very still affected.
Its not the people they wanted to kill to send a message, its the building. The people were nothing but collateral damage. Human lives no longer have the same value that they did a century ago.. we have so many killings going on around us we have almost become desensitized with human deaths. Look at the bombay train blasts.. the very same day people were commenting on the news, 'Ah yes this kind of thing keeps happening being mumbaites we are used to it'.. we've come a long way.. dont know where we are headed.. Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compramises with its own values..
You found a way
To break through to me
What no one else could do

Something about you
Made me try
One inadequite que

I should've seen it coming
And you should've too
Happiness with me is doomed

Perhaps I'm too expectant
Too think you'd understand
But you said you loved me
.... Didn't you?
Invictus : people are never just "collateral damage". Human lives have and will always have the same value that it did a century ago - its estimation depends entirely on who is assessing the value however. govts today probably do not care - but many people do - and i happen to be one of them. and OF course they wanted to kill people - look at the timing of the bombs- just when people would have gotten into work

what truly scares me is comments like "desensitized with human deaths" how can anyone be desensitized to DEATH? pointless death at that!
Anonymous :

i would understand,
i really would
if you but gave me a chance
and thought i should.
pointless death ?!!
It made a point.. a point which caused afganistan its government.. It was the world trade centre.. look at the publicity it got ? People have always died for a point..
Publicity is everything.. the media is everything.. i'll give u an example.. World War II.. whats the first thing that comes to mind.. Hitler.. Death of millions of Jews.. I'll give you numbers.. and publicity.. 6 Million jews lost their lives.. lots of publicity.. 12 Million russians lost their lives that same war.. gee gosh.. is that true !! Yup.. but the russions dont like publisizing.. my point.. human lives.. can be used to drive a point home.. but then again.. they are considered as collateral damage.. by collateral damage i meant they are treated as transit points to prove a point.. or to gain attention.. or to make a statement of agression.. its like when u are really frustrated and a lil unsuspecting ant comes along and bites u.. u dont just kill it.. u squashhhhh it.. i am sleepy.. ZZZzzzzz....
Kudos to Will Jimeno and John McLoughlin.
Thank you!
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