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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Labour day weekend special!
Busy day today!
Got up bright and early to be told we were off to the farmer's market - my first time ever! Was good fun... other then the usual suspects - veggis and fruits - there were things like homemade bread and yummy delights like strawberry short cake! And right besides the street where the farmers market was being held was a water fountain with pretty seating arrangements. Had a wonderful time!
Quick pit stop at home dump all the perishable items into the fridge and get started on loads, loads, of laundry. While the spin cycle did its thing we were off - to CostCo for important things like Pringles and lays. Oh yea, the odd grocery thingy found its way into our cart too.
Having got our store of adipose tissue building eats (read immensly fattening) we made our way home.
A friend came over and we took of to hunt for "labour day" bargins/sales. Found a couple of really nice ones. There was this one which looks like you are wearing a formal white button down shirt on the inside and a sweater on the outside - but is acutally just one peice.
Piping hot samosas were in the neighbourhood so my friend suggested we pay them a visit - so we did! Ummmm, they we niiicceeee!!
....Whistle I was on the shopping trip my sister and brother in law (bless that man!) went out and bought sleeping bags.
Why you asketh?
'Cause we are off bright and early!! We are going CAMPING!! Oh joy is me!! :o)
10.00 at night saw all the Padmanabhan women wrestling animatedly with "muli paratha" dough (india bread with raddish in it)
Making enough to feed 45 people is so not fun! When we took on making the bread there were to be two familys - ours and my cousins - that was at the start of the day... people kept getting added!!
Strawberry milkshake (made by yours truly) capped the wonderful day...
...its 12.15 now and my bed beckons (especially consider tonight ours is to be a short affair - i shall have to leave its warmth bright and early!)
Labour weekend turned out pretty nice - got to shop and camp! :o)

YAY, I'm going CAMPING!!!
muli parathas for 45 people.. how do muli parathas figure in camping.. didnt get that one yet.. so where are u going camping.. get loads of pictures of people doing all sorts of funny things.. and remember to take the first aid kit.. and i think u need to carry along a fire extinguisher as per regulations in case u intend to light a fire..
I hope u have a great weekend.. The x-box is going to be launched in 20 days here.. too many ad's all over the place.. yikes... i wonder who'd pay 20 odd grand for a gaming console..
I got a new cell phone.. its ugly as hell.. i call it the industrial phone..
Have fun.. take care.. get lots of pics.. and enjoy..
Oh u lucky dear....enjoy camping, after all u seem to have goe through, u deserve this time!!!
Mann, everyone seems to be enjoying the long weekend!
and the muli parathas sound yum:)

"Its only fair that i talk bout dad now eh? " was a nice post:)
Glad you had an awesome time!!!
something tells me you arent in India..but then muli parathas sound indian..but labour day??
farmer's markets are the best !!
nice article. who's your source of all this material, cause such interesting things cannot possibly happen to a single person. (can they?)
Hey thanks for the comments. I've fixed the youtube link on the a-ha post now, so that should hopefully work for you!
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