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Friday, September 01, 2006
Plenty of travel on the cards for me!

Off to NY on the 7th.. Then on to Baltimore on the 15th... Seattle on the 28th... And finally Vancouver, Canada on 30th!

So, YAY!

The big weekend is almost here (for the Indian friends : three day weekends like labour weekend is time for everyone to pile into cars and 'head out'. Or at the very least to the shop of your choice for "incredible savings!" ) and we still haven't decided whether we are going camping or shopping!

My vote is for the camping but we'll see.

Hows it going for you? Whatchya doing this weekend?
I foresee a lot of stargate episodes over the weekend!!
Ahh....Pramila, u lucky girl!!! Me?? Mmm...let me see, I am working this weekend, which is very nice!!! Yaay!!!

I vote for camping, too! I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time in nature lately... but I've taken pleasure in what bits I do have nearby!
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