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Monday, October 30, 2006
Width by strangulation


Sorry, man. Singular.

What does one say to someone who takes time out of his life to help a virtual stranger - investing his time and energy - small financial outlay not even taken under consideration - in one not yet a friend?
When that someone gets sooo involved with the "project" at hand that bumps (huge road blocks if you will) along the way cause unexpected... and unbelievable rise in temper ...blood pressure too?
When a guy willingly agrees to give up every evening to help someone else, someone he has only just met, prepare for an exam?
And then blow his top at them - repeatedly - over silly (numerous, however) silly mistakes?
Upto to the point of making the person question their very self worth?

Guess I spoke too soon. Guess no one believes in me.

I remind myself, I don't need anyone else to - I believe in myself. I do.

And despite however much...however much I remind myself...

An ol memory teases me from the recesses of my mind. A forgotten past beckons ... and I know not any way of turning back time. Of finding myself warped up in infinite warmth and his arms once again. He with his soft words and soothing voice... and unquestioning acceptance...

I wish... I wish I knew how...

Do you?
Although I've been silent the last little bit (job hunt, daily life, other such excuses) I do want to say this...

I believe in you.

P.S. I need your address and phone number again. Haven't sent the hat yet and have lost all the contact info in my cell phone. Missing you.
My darling p, if we did, none of us would have reason to whine no?
Oh sush! You a smart girl there is nothing to believe in it!
It's a fact! As simple as that!!

Now stop sulking, if need be stop your association with people who give you grief and sort the GMAT out!" I know you can do it girl!
Quite frankly, that type of talk spurs some ppl to work harder, while it causes some to languish in self-doubt. Decide which category u belong to and make ur decision. Whichever way it may be, it's u, no apologies!!!
zia : :)...what a pleasant suprise to see you here!
Hope you had a chance to read my previous post too?...do convey my feelings to craig too.
will call u soon... and give u the numbers and address then. hope all is well.
miss you...
and your belief in me means a lot. thank you.

billo : ah... there is that

will : oh willy will mine, what does a gurl do without her own personal will? i will never know - thank the lord-god for that.

sumo : ummmm, possible... though that wasn't the lament here honestly.
btb trying to egg someone on is something totally different from ripping someone-a student/friend-is completely different.
Never turn back time...let it flow on..it does no good to want to go back..that's not where u are now..
Yup...u were there...u kno the situation better. Neway, look ahead dear and dont think too much abt it. I guess that is pretty neutral advice. :-D
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