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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
I feel good....na na NAna na! I feel good!!
The 'man' discussed in the previous post (the first one that is) is not really a bad guy.

Not at all.

I wrote on the 1st/2nd of nov :

Another day.

Another round of "talks".

Talks that lead to no action.

What is beyond fustrating is the knowledge that his heart is in the right place (atleast thats what my gut tells me)

Despite that, comments like "I don't want to stoop to your level" seem to 'slip out'. Memory lapses are more common then not.

Am at my wits end.

Fact :
I enjoy studying with him (enjoyed - past tense?)
He really has a good grounding in the subject matter.
Studying with him would give me the much needed escape route to get out of the house on most days if not everyday.
Despite having an amazingly supportive group of friends - there is only so much one can 'teach' in math over the phone - he is here, in person - and VERY willing to teach. It wouldn't be wrong to go so far as to say - the most willing - he keeps trying to make amends and re-open doors to teach me.

Also Fact :
He has a low threshold for silly mistakes.
Once an idea gets into his head there is no talking to him.
Most times I feel like I'm talking to a completely deaf audience.

And from being the one person I wanted to discuss what I was doing everyday, in detail, he is slowing becoming the one person I don't want discuss studies with.

What do I do?!

I guess his level of intellect (highhh) and my level of math (ridiculously low) was just a bad combo. I was not faulting his dedication to the task at hand - just his methods at times. Thats all :o)

We have since kinda, sorta, well actually - resolved it.

For now, GMAT prep, math and midnight drives... Oh yea... and milkshakes.

Happy times.

And comfortable quite silences.

The second man in the previous post. Wispery ghost from the past... Have drawn many moments of comfort with just the memories.

Thank you for those.
Good to hear you guys are getting along. Your next mission, get ‘GMAT’ to be your best buddy!

And Cheers to ‘whispery ghost’ for giving you solace.
Abt Will's comment, it's easier said than done!!! :-) If u r not really interested in Maths, then its very difficult to try and force urself to understand it. Do a self-introspection and decide whether GMAT is the best way to go. After all, GMAT is temporary but the friend whom u risk losing is permanent!!! (At least, I think so!!!)
Bah! I hate preparing for exams! Never wrote any competitive exams..at least, never prepared and wrote.

Ghosts from the past..Princess, I guess there is a line of thought which says u have to be thankful for what you HAD, and yes, allow a wistful smile to appear when u think of them..but whenever u do that, there is also the risk of being disappointed at that person being just a ghost of who he/she was earlier. There's the Rub!
Will : I dunno bout best buddy - but yea, I'm trying - well most days anyway - to befriend the GMAT :)

Sumo : I have come to realise its not the MATH that is my problem - its algebra and things which involve prior knowledge - since I don't know the basics. Pure logic is good for me :)

Everyman : YAY! you are here! :)
as for the second part of your comment... * hug * suprisingly insightful on ur part - didn't realise you could read between the lines sooo well!
hope all is well in your world?
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