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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
A few months ago someone left the below in the comments section :

Love wants to make me swing,
Wants to make me fall,
And give into this attraction,

You make me want to sing,
Make me feel so small,
As my heart beats to these patterns,

I want to make you love me,
But that would never work at all,
Seeing that your heart is yours,
And this one is mine,
I really have no right,
To tell you how to feel inside,

Love pulls me on this string,
Over lines we drew,
These little lines of hope,
Fooling me to think,
It brings me closer to you,

You hate me now its over,
I'm not in love and sober,
And realising all the things,
I did and took from you,

I wanted you to love me,
You did all along,
But your heart was yours,
And I never quite knew what it said,
Until we said goodbye,

These little lines of hope,
I drew to help me hold your hand,
When I always knew you'd leave,
Fade and just keep fading,
Until I have to draw them again,
So I don't forget,
And make the same mistake,
Next time I'm in love,
Not that I could replace you..

...for whatever reason the person didn't see fit to reveal his/her name. I have (had?) a fair inkling who it was - though questioning from my side didn't result in anything - other than silence.

I sometimes wonder.


Is it...?


If _you_ still come by and are reading this...I would very much like to know...you.

Things may not be as hopeless as you think.
Thats pretty good poetry!!! Plz congratulate "WHO" on my behalf.
Princess, i would disagree with Sumo..i dont think it's pretty good poetry..there have been very few poems which has really had me bound..

but hey, what's the story??? :) hopin for a happy ending as usual!
Sumo : I would, if I could but I can't so I won't! :)
mean I am still not 'privy' to the writers identity.

Everyman : hey you...
Can't really give you the story. The first half of the poetry appreaded mysteriously in the comments section a while go... I tried asking questions - both in real life as well on the blog - wasn't successfull - at all. So, here I am, trying to find out the identity myself..
Who, what you waiting for??? she's giving you a chance.....take it!!!
Nice poetry by the way Who.
Ok, it was me... What now?
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