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Friday, December 29, 2006
Fresh takes
Hello people!

The reason I haven't been showing my face in these parts is the test was an unmitigated debacle.

No wait.

Misplaced modifier.

My performance on the test was an unmitigated debacle.

Buttt all is not lost. I can – and I will – take the test again *shudder* and this time I will ace it.


No, I will.

Ok, for while this is going to become the place I come to moan about study woes. Anyone with ideas on how someone who hasn’t touched math in 10 years should go about preparing for it (my basics are ridiculously shaky) – other than going at it for 18 hours a day – gimme a shout.

Also anyone else interested in taking the test – Jan / Feb time frame – maybe we could push each other to study – this will probably work best if you live in Bombay (close to thane would be awesome!)

In other news – health front seems to be getting better though the damn pseudo arthritis (resultant of all the heavy, resistant, medication I am on) is still there.

2007…hopefully this will be a much nicer year!

A belated merry x’mas and a ‘Appy New Year to all!!
Hey Princess, its been ages since i hv been the first one to comment! Feels good to be back in form :-D

Dont fret too much abt ur test, like u said you can (*gulp*) take it again!

And as for how to study Maths, well i wouldnt be able to help u the least..i've hated the abominable thing since I met trigonometry..

Have a great year ahead Princess..take care :-)


Its so good to see you back 'in form'! Thought I replied here before - looks like I didn't! :(

about the test - i am not fretting - and i think that is the real problem. I amn't putting in as much effort as i should be and try as i might to convince myself, i dont seem to be doing it :(

how are you doing? how is the middle east treatn you?
Sorry I didnt visit ur blog earlier...was a bit busy with work.

Well, as of now, I can understand what it feels like to screw up an exam due to quant. I recently came to know that I did the same with CAT!!! Well, give it again and I am sure you will do well...u sound determined enough!!!
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