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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Today was Maharashtra day - which translates to HOLIDAY!

Amchi Mumbai (I _know_ I always say it will be only Bombay for me - this is different) is reallly turning up the temperature this year!

Hey you... you there...

...yes, you…you look good enough to eat! :D (or at least that’s what 5th month ol sonali thought after one look at me!)

A lil kid…an over size girl / woman...a crowded train...late at night...love at first sight! (ok lick?!) ;)

Was traveling to ‘south Bombay’ - to begin my many part goodbye to the city I am crazy about. * sniff * . We (friends and yours truly, not the lil darling!) :) went for a leisurely dinner at a swanky joint - its great to have friends who are _NOT_ thrilled with the idea of you leaving! After dinner we went for a mid-night stroll along marine drive – its _beautiful_ - I recommend it, highly! I don’t quite know what it is about the place – makes you wanna throw your arms wide open and claim things impossibly crazy things!
I cannot believe I will be living in India but not Bombay! I truly, truly belong here.

OOOooo btw, I turned a year older and wiser this month (alright alright, I have my doubts on the wiser too! :D ) I’m officially 27 now. Gosh, that sounds positively middle aged! Wait a min, it IS positively middle aged! But hey, age is just a number, right?! Right!
Lots of gal-pals came over..we had a fabulous time (pillow fights and 4 am talks et all) was taken shopping – for everything from shoes to ahem-unmentionables – really nice stuff! Have even managed to start saving up for numero uno on my wish list! (not to mention being surprised witless by flowers from CALIFORNIA! thank-you you) Then an awesome dinner at a newly opened Thai joint...and some more over night partying (nice to have a bday on the weekend!) :)

Have taken up swimming recently (very recently - ain't no svelte-sylphlike-swimmer! yet!!) want to learn playing the guitar – will look that up fairly soon and plan on re-joining the gym! Life is good!!

Oh yea, I’ve to take the GMAT.

Sigh. ;)
nice to see your effervescent self on the blog
Just wanted to say hello, I'm still browsing the net.
will : yo buddy boy! :) first again..

freddie : hey!
nice to see you stop by! how have you been? Its been a while eh!?
Hmm...Will couldnt have put it better. It's nice to see u in such a buoyant mood. So, where r u moving to?
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