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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Its all happening...

New place... new me! :) White water rafting, leechs sucking, stumbling across paridise, star gazing, matching wits with IIM-B graduates (and winning!) :D, losing weight (without even trying - even though it is in minuscule amounts!) , fab job interview, city with amazing weather, living _ALL_ alone blues, amazing road trips, being more "open" than I've ever been, its all happening here people!

Living so far away from my support system (read crib buddy) is _not_ fun though. I miss you meaniepie mine - There I said it, I dare you to! :P

another blast from the past, stumbled across this one of my defunct blogs

Sunday, August 27, 2006

will it ever be enough?

he says i write well
why then can i not write?
well or otherwise

we met only to part,
or so it seems
to my weary heart

its not that he broke my heart
more like i broke his
and i know not how to fix it

so he is gone
or wants to be gone
far far away

should i let him go?
having set him free
what becomes of me?

he never has enough of him
nor i of him
or so it used to be

the page stares at me in the face
white and unforgiving in its graze
are my meger offerings good enough?

--- hell, no! :D
Listening to the imperfect melodies beat out by
Hundreds of thousands of falling drops of liquid ice
Preventing my tortured mind from finally falling into
The powerful rejuvenating arms of blissful sleep
And leaving behind an eclectic, haphazard
Trail of tears upon my thin glass windowpane
Driving down the open freeways of this or any
Other place I watch as the lines of varying colors
As they dance and intertwine among themselves
Never beginning, ending only out in infinity
For asphalt isn’t merely black, but shaded grey,
As all surfaces contain endless strings of color
Being unable to stop watching the hypnotic nimble
Swaying of leaves and branches in brisk mansoon wind
Endless gyrations, uninterrupted by the casual
Fall of a single leaf from its lofty perch
To the cold and uninviting arms of earth below
Searching for the human soul within your dark
Piercing eyes as they simultaneously probe my own
Open to the world, unspeaking and unmoving in search
Of where is that which Separates Man,
where lies the seat of Thought
Invisible behind your black retinal mirrors......
Good stuff, I am smarter than IIM-B graduates! :)

Serious stuff
Don't forget the past but don't live in it either... move on to the brighter times of the present and the future
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Hey!!! I m back...just blogged.
People should read this.
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