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Friday, August 03, 2007
Random takes
Enough with the silence, its not like I've too much else to do!

Move : will happen soon - yo Bangalore!! -ves = they have _no_ traffic sense - i kid you not, wait at a traffic light and the traffic will flow AROUND u, isolating u like an island. +ves fabulous weather!

Sajay Dutt : am not entirely sure what i feel bout the sentence - yes he is a changed man and the sentence is harsh. point being, he is a 'changed' man - meaning change was needed and without that he was breaking the law of the land. so... hopefully he will rise like the phoenix he reminds me off. more here

Photography : have had a digicam on the very top of my wish list for a while now - am currently lusting after the Sony DSC T100, through some things in the review here is a little...well, off. The canon 850 is a good alternative - am trying to decide - any advise on this is welcome.

Bombay rains : Will it stop already? had a bet with a friend that it would rain on a given day...I won the bet. Trouble is, it hasn't stopped raining since!!!

Shopping : How comfortable/uncomfortable are you with browsing through a 'swanky' shop? and how 'compelled' do u feel to justify ur visit with a trip to the cash counter - translated meaning - do u feel u have to buy something? I have a dear friend - she is incapable of 'browsing' - thanks to her I now have a beautiful house warming gift :D

Books : Interpreter of Maladies - thats the last book I read, faintly... umm melancholy is the word that springs to mind unbidden. Discovered Artemis Fowl stashed away in my book shelf - am part annoyed that I've owned the book for over 3 years and never read it! Can't wait to get the rest in the series.

Potter mania : I've assiduously avoided reading any - yup, any. Which for a person like me was not easy - surrounded as I am by maniacal fans coupled with my natural disposition to reading. Now that it is 'over' - I shall begin. I think.

Weight loss : Hmmm. Hrumph! Well, meds stop soon. time for hello GM.

Men : There are none. Well, none in the 'interesting/interested' category that is. Know anyone?

I am so happy to see you again!! You made my evening, honestly!

i am too - happy that is!! :)

hop onto gmail/yahoo?
okay im new here, so i guess im not expected to know wat"silence" stood for.. anyways... good being here.. was fun too
and yeah, thanks for not securing this page in such a way that i have to type jumbled words which make no sense, and which inevitably always go wrong before i post a comment :)
ahhh!!.... the traffic woes don't get me started! Bangalore certainly
> top's the list... funny thing is I don't even live there!!!!! that bad!!!!
Pramila, r u in Bangalore???? :O

Girl, v need 2 meet then!
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