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Monday, December 31, 2007
Exit '07 - carpe diem quam minimum credula postero !
Allo Allo!


No? Er...well, thou ought to be! :P

I've been meaning to write forever - however something or the other kept getting in the way - more often than not, my own preoccupation with my new job!! Wanted to write and tell all of you (by now a moot point almost!) that I am now a Team Manager in the Treasury department - sub division Indian Rate Reporting Unit. Both FX and MM teams report into me - a rather bright bunch! Still haven't gotten around to really _learning_ all that they do (considering I wasn't given _any_ training!) however from my limited exposure I know that we are responsible for the foreign exchange rates, forwards rates, fixings, call / repo rates, T-bills rates, not to forget the FIMMDA co-branded fixings amongst other things! :)

I work Indian market hours - or at least that's all I'm supposed to be doing! ;) leave home usually around 7.30 (which means my day begins around 6 / 6.30) so that I'm at work at 8.30 - the drive from Jay Nagar to Airport Road is _NOT_ fun on a daily basis. Much less in peak BANGALORE traffic! Am supposed to leave around 6..which would see my at home by 7. Though that's never happened - the first time I reached home at 8.30 mum was like "everything alright? Are you ok?!" :D Never the less - I love my job, my company and for the most part - my manager! There is sooo much I can learn from him!

In other news T.B medication has been withdrawn. I cannot put into words what that means to me. First time after 2 years - living like a _normal_ person. Not having to worry if I've brought along my "before dinner" pills incase I want to stop for an impromptu dinner with friends. Ability to stay over at a friend's place without having to lug a medical shop! (and just a few months ago the 'friend' would _have_ to be the kinds who could give huge injections without batting an eyelid - why? Cause I needed to get 'shot' every alternate day!) Man, freedom feels sooo good!

The best thing? Being able to _breath_ without it being painful - that's the best bit!

That and my brand new job!! :D

This New Year I seem to be... well at a "loose end" trying to figure out what to do. Am not a big fan of crowed-smoke-filled-body's-swaying-kinda rooms... then again spending the night sitting alone at home and twiddling my thumbs isn't the best way to bring the new year in! (the silly chumps who insisted I be in B'lore on N.Ys were unable to get time off from work!). Also this N.Y I find myself wishing... wishing ? I'm not sure thats the right word... I'd just like to meet 'someone'... someone who'd feel the below bout me :D

[I'm 'borrowing' this from someone's blog (not a friend... am not even sure he can be called an acquaintance! barely knew the chap - rather briefly at that]

I want to respect you first, and love you second. I want to talk with you about everything. I want you to tell me when I go wrong. I want to look forward to seeing you every night. I want to worry when you go out and are late coming back. I want to share your interests and support you in your pursuits. I want you to come home and tell me how your day went. I want to laugh about the silly things that you encountered. I want to help you overcome problems that you face. I want to see your face light up when I say that I love you. I want to feel afraid as to whether I will be able to keep your face lit up like that for the rest of my life. I want to be with you when something happens that makes you shed tears. I want to watch a movie with you and laugh. I want to go through old photo albums and recall those memories with you. I want you to wake me up in the middle of the night and tell me that you love me. I want to talk with a girl in front of you and see you get jealous. I want to see you talk with a guy and feel like kicking his ass. I want to get scolded when I do something stupid and insensitive. I want to have fights with you. I want to make up each of those fights. I want to keep interrupting you when you are doing something and get scolded at for it. I want to be able to surprise you and make your eyes sparkle. I want to feel an ache in my heart when you are not with me. I want to hold hands with you and take a walk in the evening. I want to have breakfast with you every morning before we both go out and face the day. I want us to live a life that will help someone less fortunate than us. I want you to hold my hand all through. I want to be alone, think of you, and smile. I want to wake up next to you, and watch you sleep.

Ah Love! - posted by RV. Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not for me the traditional arranged marriage or "marriage of convenience"... I want.. nay _need_ that X factor.. the passion... the madness.. the top of world feeling.... along with the down in the dumps... crabby, grizzly bear feeling... the roller coaster only _True LOVE_ brings with it.

Ah well, on another note : if you have the time do read this - really good stuff!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Do write in when ever time permits. (And if you know any intelligent, single, interesting men - you know where to point them!) ;)
Hey Princess...that's really cho chweeet!!! :DDD But seriously, hope you do find someone like that.

And good for u that u no longer have to take TB medicine. Welcome to freedom!!!
Good to see u back.. Always enjoyed your way of writing.. I guess.. keep writing.. take care..
Welcome to freedom from the TB medicine! That makes me very happy for you.

Wishing you happiness, health, and love in 2008.
hoping that you get what you wish for!! and what better time to wish than the dawn of a new year!

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