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Monday, October 06, 2008
I just got royally...well, ahem.... "corporated" is the term I'm going to use (instead of the one beating like a drum in my head*). Someone else just took all the credit for my efforts, happily - right before my eyes. And I could do nothing. Nothing except stare in shock and horror that someone could be so low. Oh, yea.. that and fend questions from everyone around me going "But Pramila!! how can they!?!" As though I have any controll!


Another phrase comes to mind : Welcome to Reuters.

And what a welcome it is. Once again.

A part of me is pertified that someone might stumble across this post and get me into more trouble.

Another part of me (the one that makes me, 'me' I guess) _wants_ that to happen. Want to be asked what in the name of god do I mean - and then have to show them everything (I've proof - as always. You didn't think this was the first time it was happening to me, didja!).

Buttt, it will probably never, ever happen. Have gotten "corporated" enough times over the past one year to know that this is "normal" where I work, especially in this particular team.

K sera sera... the futures not ours to see.

* SCREWED for the naive (read DUMB) ones.
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