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Thursday, October 02, 2008
The world of high finance
Those who have stumbled on to this page hoping to find something about the recent melt down in the us/globe - I'm sorry. this is _NOT_ going to help you in any way (unless you want a smile or two that is)


It has been so long since I wrote anything.

Well anything of interest / personal in nature that is. Lengthy treatise at work continue unabated. There was a time I wrote separate diaries, blogs, occasional long emails to family/friends and even the odd postal letter to the then best friend.



Hmmm. Dunno.

Don’t feel it though.

Recently read (devoured?) the book “almost single” – nothing fabulous, and in that lies its genius-ness. At least for me.

Someone I had met in passing, at a party for less than 15 mins read it – and took the trouble to call me and tell me about it (and pass it on!) – saying the book and the central character reminded her immensely of me! (Dunno if it’s a compliment or... Especially considering what she knows about my love life could fit on the back of a postage stamp and there'd still be a hellava lot of space on it!) ;)

However on reading it, I must say it _DOES_ bear a scary resemblance to me and my life. Other than the fact that my days are gobbled by the world of finance, where there is zero tending to negative scope of tall, intelligent, sensitive, good looking men of course!
(...imagining stumbling onto someone I've met through work in the buff...eeewwww!! I just might need therapy after that.)

Buttt having stated the obivious lack of interesting (read potential) men at work - I am learning a lot about the financial world - a lot of which is faciniating. Foreign Exchange is an amazing place to be in currently and money market is nothing to scoff at either right now. Having the Indian teams of both, in a VERY large finanical services company reporting into me certainly affords the opportunity to learn a lot. Having access to high profile traders in the dealing rooms of every single big (and small and state run for that matter!) bank/brokeage firm in the country opens up so many, many avenues to LEARN - something I'm totally capitalising on.
Who knows, in a couple of years yours truly could be on the otherside of this information sale (am currently on what is called "sell side" of information - and the traders/investment bankers etc are on the "buy side")

And who knows... one of these gentleman just *might* be like Karan (_NOT_ my ex-boss Karan - the Karan from Kala's book - Almost single)
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