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Friday, April 17, 2009
So, it has been so long that I don't even remember how anymore..
...but I'm guessing this is a bit like riding a bicycle, with a lil effort I'm sure it will come back to me!

How you been peeps?

Me? Work in Bangalore is pretty much all-consuming. Have a healthy group of fun friends (this would work better if I could figure out how to post pictures here!) have discovered a website meant for travelers (www.couchsurfing.com) - love it cause it provides an opportunity to meet local people in almost all countries/cities in addition to facilitating costfree acco whistle traveling!
Have also made a bunch of friends through another unconventional (?) route - flights! Usually when you meet someone at the airport/flight even if you have a good conversation you don't really expect to keep in touch later, right? Strangely these people (met at different times!) seem to want to keep in touch.. and have now gone on to become friends!
Trips : went with a bunch of friends on a road trip (bikes and cars) to pondicherry - was FUN! ...only regret? most of the time was spent eating/drinking and my take is that if I'm travelling outta town I _would_ like to see the place a lil! :-S ah well.
New interests : a pal recently gifted me a guitar. Yup, a GUITAR! me, who is completely tone deaf hopes to take this up fairly soon!
New developments : Might move outta home, and live closer to work - am super excited at the prospect, cause I've _NEVER_ lived anywhere but with parents/family! Moving closer to work means cutting down on travel time - which can in turn be used for FUN activities eg:learning to play the guitar! (not to mention it will be far easier to host people/parties at my place!)
Agenda : Lose weight! I'm sick and tired of talking bout it, so this time around I'm putting my money where my mouth is, literally!! :)

So, whats happening with you?
so you joining those weight loss program by VLCC or other agencies???
just don't take medications for weight loss...
egawd! no chance of any stupidity like this! :)

just the good ol fashioned way!!

how have u been?
Hey! Visited ur blog after a long time! How have u been?

BTW, does the conventional way work?
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