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Monday, April 20, 2009
Refreshing weekends
Saturday began brunch with fun gang @ Egg Factory...fairly decent egg offerings! :)
Then on to financial planning for a friend @ ICICI - which I * thought * stayed open from 8 to 8 as their ads used to suggest - apparently timings have now changed only till 2 on a sat!! (Mid day traffic on the weekend is KILLING!)
Dragged for a bite of lunch with said friend, after which we took a trip to police station to get the bike which was towed!
Onward to another friends place to see his dogs - had time only to pop in and pop out almost immediately! Why? Had to take another friend shopping for his bday gift.
Was throughly tuckered out by this time, so a pit stop at home was very much warrented!
Friends came next door (garuda swagath) for movie, one of them coaxed me into ditching the movie so that we could heading to Barbeque-Nation for dinner, getting lost, repeatedly, trying to find the way, got there eventually, STUFFED ourselves, got out at 12.30. *restaurant usually closes by 12 -> we were the LAST to leave.
Crazy ideas of either mysore road coffee house or nandi hills for sunrise, when suddenly someone gets the bright idea of wonderla!so they are trying to drag me there come 8 Sunday morning! ...after hitting the sack after 2!! phew!
Luckily sanity (sleep?) prevailed.. and we did a lesuirely dinner at UB city with thunder and lightening in the background.The weather was amazing!
...fun weekends should be like this :)
Only fly in the ointment? Was with 'only friends'! ;)
Only friends!!!

Two of the best and worst words in the whole world, aren't they?
Nice blog, very thoughtful, and good expression!

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