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Monday, August 08, 2011
Get an iPad, regain "happy":)
...an no I didn't mean just as a product of the iPad2 (though that too!) ;)

So a couple of days ago (5 Aug 2011) got an iPad, watched a movie online today (oh nothing terribly "different" or "out of the ordinary"....just good ol fashioned feel good romantic comedy - Accidentally in love, HBO....and that was it! The..bubbling under the surface, champagne feeling that had become a stranger to me in recent years, making a come back :)
Oh I don't doubt I will have a few off days every now and again, well maybe even more than a few, however I know I'm on the road to becoming the very best person I can be, like I used to be, soon.
If life hands you a bunch of lemons, learn to make lemon aid, and get good @ marketing said lemon aid! ;)
.....btw, streaming movies on a iPad? Omg! Amazing! the fanta-fabulous high speed Internet connection in my sis's house in bay area didn't hurt either I'm sure :)
which also means it is 4:30 in my current time zone, hence way past time to sleep, toodle-oo folks!!
(first, of many one hopes, post from ze afore mentioned iPad2)
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